10 Indian Semiconductors Startup to Watch Out in 2024

From Tessolve's engineering mastery to CHAOS Numerics' cloud-powered innovations, these 10 companies stand at the forefront of a semiconductor renaissance.


In the dynamic realm of semiconductor technology, India emerges as a crucible of innovation, with startups and companies at the forefront of transformative advancements. Let’s embark on a detailed exploration of the top 10 Indian Semiconductors Startup Companies in India, delving into their founders, functions, achievements, and the challenges they anticipate in the ever-evolving landscape.

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Tessolve Services Pvt. Ltd.

Tessolve Services, founded by Srinivasa Sakhamuri in 2003, has become synonymous with semiconductor engineering excellence. Boasting a team of over 3000 employees worldwide, Tessolve offers a turnkey solution for silicon bring-up, covering pre-silicon and post-silicon expertise.

Their hardware and software capabilities, coupled with advanced silicon and system testing labs, position them as a one-stop-shop for semiconductor solutions. As the semiconductor industry navigates challenges in new process nodes, Tessolve remains agile and innovative, contributing significantly to the success of electronic devices globally.

2. Silizium Circuits Private Limited

Founded by Rijin John, Silizium Circuits Private Limited is a key player in the wireless domain, focusing on Analog Radio Frequency (RF) Intellectual Property (IP). As part of IIT Hyderabad FabCI, the company has become a pioneer in addressing challenges in analog and RF technology.

While the establishment year is not provided, Silizium Circuits has patented designs for RF components, showcasing their commitment to innovation. Challenges in the wireless domain, including energy efficiency and adapting to new frequency bands, drive Silizium Circuits to continuously push the boundaries of RF technology.

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3.Dyumnin Technologies

Founded in 2016 by Vijayvithal Jahagirdar, Dyumnin Technologies has carved a niche in the digital design and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) space. The company’s tools automate IC design and design management processes, significantly reducing time-to-market for semiconductor products.

As the semiconductor landscape evolves, Dyumnin anticipates challenges in scaling automation tools for larger and more intricate integrated circuits. Additionally, their commitment to advancing digital design positions them as a key player in the semiconductor innovation ecosystem.

4. Zenor:

In 2023, Ramesh Miriyala founded Zenor, Offering a comprehensive range of services, Zenor specializes in semiconductor solutions and embedded system development. Furthermore, the company’s expertise spans the entire product lifecycle, from chip design to embedded software and complete product realization.

Amidst the challenges of optimizing chip design for applications in emerging technologies like IoT and AI, Zenor leverages a team of experts and maintains a focus on seamless integration. Furthermore, commitment to addressing the evolving needs of diverse industries in the semiconductor landscape, Zenor stands poised for continued excellence.

5.CHAOS Numerics:

Tom Mathew founded CHAOS Numerics in 2023, introducing a cloud platform for high-fidelity topology optimization. Their in-house solver, highly parallel with PETSc, performs large-scale structural and thermo-fluid optimizations on cloud High-Performance Computing (HPC).

Challenges include scaling the platform for more complex simulations and expanding applications in aerospace and automotive. CHAOS Numerics, with proprietary algorithms, has set itself apart by significantly reducing optimization time, offering a cutting-edge solution in structural and thermo-fluid optimization.

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6. QpiSemi Technology Pvt Ltd:

In 2021, Nagendra Nagaraj and Pinakin Padalia founded QpiSemi, combining CMOS and Quantum to build semiconductor-based products.Additionally,focused on making hardware secure for the future, the company faces challenges in the uncharted territory of quantum computing integration and cybersecurity. QpiSemi’s innovative approach positions them as key contributors to the semiconductor industry’s evolution, with products like Prakarah, designed for niche industry specializations.

7.Photom Technologies:

Founded in 2016 by Narendra Singh Rajpurohit and Himmat Singh, Photom Technologies addresses core problems in solar PV plants through robotic solar panel cleaning. Challenges include enhancing the efficiency of robotic cleaning and optimizing energy consumption.

Additionally,the company’s robotic cleaning solutions contribute to increased solar energy yield, promoting sustainability in the renewable energy sector. With a focus on minimizing losses due to soiling, Photom Technologies stands as a frontrunner in robotic cleantech solutions.

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8. GreenIPCore:

Avi Patel is the founder of Green IPCore, Developing digital IPs resistant to electromagnetic noise, GreenIPCore takes center stage in providing cutting-edge solutions.Additionally,the company’s focus on high-reliability digital IPs aligns seamlessly with the growing demand in various industries. However, challenges persist, necessitating the adaptation to emerging issues in electromagnetic compatibility and the imperative to stay innovative in a fiercely competitive market.

Undeterred, GreenIPCore actively collaborates with research institutions, positioning itself not only as a provider but as a reliable contributor to the stability and performance of products in computing, data centers, security, and beyond.

9. BlueSemi R&D Pvt Ltd:

Swati Srivastava founded BlueSemi R&D in 2016, focusing on Analog and Mixed Signal IPs, particularly in Zero Power Wireless Sensor Networks. Furthermore,challenges include advancing capabilities in battery-free operation and exploring new applications in healthcare and consumer electronics.

Additionally,the company has received industry recognition for its innovative approach to zero-power wireless sensor networks, showcasing its commitment to sustainable and efficient sensor network solutions.

10. Valtrix Systems:

Founded by Shubhodeep Roy Choudhury in 2015, Valtrix Systems delivers innovative products for IP/SoC design and validation. Challenges include adapting to evolving requirements in system validation and staying at the forefront of EDA advancements.

Additionally, the company’s contributions to advancing methodologies in SoC design and verification have garnered industry recognition. With a focus on increasing productivity and achieving quick coverage goals, Valtrix Systems remains a key player in shaping the future of semiconductor technology.


In conclusion, 10 Indian Semiconductors Startup Companies in India not only navigate challenges but also drive the semiconductor industry forward with their groundbreaking solutions. Their founders’ vision, coupled with a commitment to innovation, positions them as key contributors to the global semiconductor landscape. As they continue to shape the future, their journeys offer insights into the evolving dynamics of semiconductor technology.

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