20 Free VLSI Courses for Freshers Looking for Job

Discover 20 free VLSI courses perfect for fresh graduates and career changers. Learn the fundamentals of VLSI design, from digital circuits to analog systems, with these comprehensive online courses


The field of Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) design is an exciting and dynamic domain at the forefront of modern technology. It’s responsible for the creation of microchips and electronic devices that power our digital world. For fresh graduates and those seeking to switch careers, VLSI offers promising opportunities. To help you embark on this journey, we’ve compiled a list of 20 free VLSI courses tailored for beginners. These courses will not only equip you with foundational knowledge but also open doors to a successful career in VLSI.

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Introduction to VLSI Design: Course Link
  • Ideal for: Fresh graduates, electronics enthusiasts, and those eager to grasp the fundamentals of VLSI design.

Hardware Modeling Using Verilog: Course Link

  • Suitable for: Aspiring digital design engineers and those interested in modeling digital circuits using Verilog.

System Design Through VERILOG: Course Link

  • Tailored for: Beginners aiming to understand how complex digital systems are designed using Verilog.

Introduction to Digital VLSI Design Flow: Course Link

  • Recommended for: Students and graduates keen on learning the entire VLSI design process, from concept to fabrication.
VLSI Physical Design: Course Link
  • Perfect for: Aspiring physical design engineers and those eager to understand chip layout.

CAD for VLSI Design I: Course Link

  • Designed for: Freshers and engineering students exploring CAD tools in VLSI design.

CAD for VLSI Design II: Course Link

  • Beneficial for: Individuals looking to advance their CAD skills in VLSI design.

Optimization Techniques for Digital VLSI Design: Course Link

  • Useful for: Those intrigued by optimizing digital circuits for improved performance and efficiency.

Analog VLSI Design: Course Link

  • Target audience: Aspiring analog design engineers and those fascinated by analog VLSI circuits.
Design and Analysis of VLSI Subsystems:Course Link
  • Suitable for: Beginners looking to learn about subsystem design in VLSI applications.

VLSI Circuits:Course Link

  • Recommended for: Those interested in diving deep into VLSI circuits and their roles in electronic devices.

CMOS Digital VLSI Design:Course Link

  • Tailored for: Fresh graduates and electronics students looking to specialize in CMOS digital circuit design.

VLSI Design Flow – RTL to GDS:Course Link

  • Ideal for: Beginners wanting to understand the complete design flow from Register-Transfer Level (RTL) to Graphic Design System (GDS) layout.

Advanced VLSI Design:Course Link

  • Beneficial for: Those looking to delve into advanced VLSI design techniques and principles.

VLSI Design Verification and Test:Course Link

  • Designed for: Aspiring verification engineers and those interested in testing VLSI designs.

CMOS Analog VLSI Design:Course Link

  • Perfect for: Individuals who want to specialize in CMOS analog VLSI design.

Digital VLSI Testing (DFT):Course Link

  • Beneficial for: Freshers and students intrigued by digital VLSI testing techniques.

Analog Circuits:Course Link

  • Suitable for: Beginners looking to learn about the fundamentals of analog circuit design.

Semiconductor Devices:Course Link

  • Tailored for: Those fascinated by semiconductor devices and their role in VLSI technology.

Basic Electronics:Course Link

  • Ideal for: Anyone wanting to build a strong foundation in basic electronics principles.

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These 20 free courses are your gateway to a rewarding career in VLSI design. Whether you’re interested in digital or analog design, physical layout, verification, or testing, these courses cater to your needs. As you progress through them, you’ll not only build your understanding but also gain practical experience using industry-standard tools. This knowledge and skillset will be your ticket to exciting job opportunities in the world of VLSI, where you can contribute to cutting-edge technology and shape the future of electronics. Don’t miss the chance to start your journey toward a promising VLSI career!

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