36% Performance Increase Overall and a 41% Boost for AI Tasks: Arm Unveils Game-Changing Processor Tech

Arm introduces AI-optimized Compute Subsystems (CSS) for Client, delivering enhanced performance, efficiency, and developer tools for the next generation of AI-enabled mobile devices.


Arm Holdings, a trailblazer in semiconductor and software design, has taken a significant leap forward with the introduction of its AI-optimized Compute Subsystems (CSS) for Client.

Arm, a company that designs the processors found in most smartphones, has unveiled a new technology that promises to significantly improve the performance and power efficiency of future mobile devices. Their new Compute Subsystems (CSS) for Client integrates several new components including:

  • Armv9 CPUs: The latest generation of Arm’s central processing unit design.
  • Immortalis GPUs: The next generation of Arm’s graphics processing unit design.
  • 3nm process nodes: A smaller manufacturing process that allows for more transistors to be packed onto a chip, leading to better performance and efficiency.

This combination is designed to address the growing demand for artificial intelligence (AI) on mobile devices. The Cortex-X925 CPU, the centerpiece of the CSS, is claimed to deliver a 36% performance increase overall and a 41% boost for AI tasks specifically. The Immortalis-G925 GPU also offers a significant improvement in graphics performance at 37%.

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Arm Holdings, a leading semiconductor and software design company, has consistently driven innovation in mobile and computing technologies.

With a long history of providing efficient and powerful solutions for various applications, Arm has established itself as a key player in the development of processors and other components that power billions of devices worldwide.

The company’s architecture underpins a wide range of products, from smartphones and tablets to servers and supercomputers.

The tech industry has seen a rise in AI and ML. This has led to increased demand for powerful computing solutions. Arm has evolved its product offerings in response.

It ensures its technologies remain innovative. The Arm Compute Subsystems (CSS) for Client is a significant step forward. It aims to enhance mobile experiences and support AI applications.

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Breakthrough Performance with Cortex-X925 and Immortalis-G925

Arm has introduced its latest innovation, the Compute Subsystems (CSS) for Client, designed to elevate mobile computing experiences.

Integrating Armv9 CPUs and GPUs with advanced 3 nm process nodes, this new CSS aims to enhance innovation and expedite market entry for silicon partners.

What it is:

A pre-designed package containing essential components for powerful mobile processors. This Includes:

  • Latest Armv9 CPUs – known for their processing power.
  • New Immortalis GPUs – designed for advanced graphics handling.
  • 3nm process node – allows for more transistors on a chip, leading to better performance and efficiency.

What it does:

The Package Aims to improve mobile performance in three key areas:

  • General computing – everyday tasks like web browsing and app usage.
  • Graphics – for enhanced gaming and visual experiences.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – crucial for features like facial recognition and camera enhancements.
  • This translates to faster processing, smoother graphics, and more powerful AI capabilities on your phone.

Benefits for phone makers (silicon partners):

  • Faster innovation – Pre-built CSS saves them time and resources in designing processors.
  • Quicker market entry – Get phones with cutting-edge features to market faster.

Overall impact:

  • Paves the way for significantly more powerful and feature-rich smartphones in the future.

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AI-Optimized Performance

The AI-optimized CSS boasts the powerful Cortex-X925 CPU, which delivers a 36% performance increase and a 41% boost in AI tasks.

Accompanying it, the Immortalis-G925 GPU offers a 37% improvement in graphics performance.

These advancements address the escalating demands of AI models while maintaining superior power efficiency.

Developer-Friendly KleidiAI Software

Arm’s new KleidiAI software significantly enhances the developer experience by integrating with popular AI frameworks such as PyTorch and TensorFlow.

By leveraging Arm’s acceleration technologies (NEON, SVE2, SME2), KleidiAI ensures seamless performance improvements across a wide range of devices, making it easier for developers to optimize their applications.

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Meeting Modern Mobile Computing Demands

Arm CSS for Client meets the rigorous demands of modern mobile computing. It offers a 30% increase in compute and graphics performance.

Additionally, it provides a 59% faster AI inference. This platform supports flagship System on Chips (SoCs).

These SoCs feature Armv9.2 CPUs, Immortalis GPUs, Corelink System Interconnect, and System Memory Management Units (SMMUs).

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Enhanced CPUs for Power Efficiency

The Cortex-X925 CPU is built on 3 nm nodes. It can achieve 3.8GHz clock rates. This CPU represents the highest year-on-year performance uplift in Cortex-X history.

Additionally, the Cortex-A725 and Cortex-A520 CPUs contribute to improved power efficiency and scalability. They cater to a diverse range of consumer devices.

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Immortalis-G925 GPU: Superior Graphics for Flagship Devices

The Immortalis-G925 GPU is engineered to support flagship smartphones, delivering unparalleled graphics performance. The scalable Mali-G725 and Mali-G625 GPUs extend these benefits to a variety of consumer devices, enhancing mobile gaming and AI/ML network performance.

Comprehensive Components of Arm CSS for Client

Arm CSS for Client encompasses a range of cutting-edge technologies, including:

  • Armv9.2 CPUs: Featuring the latest advancements for superior performance.
  • Immortalis GPUs: Offering top-tier graphics capabilities.
  • Corelink System Interconnect: Ensuring efficient data transfer within the system.
  • System Memory Management Units (SMMUs): Optimizing memory usage for enhanced performance.

Commitment to Developer Innovation with Kleidi Software

Arm’s dedication to supporting developers is evident with the introduction of the Kleidi software suite.

This suite includes KleidiCV for computer vision applications, providing optimized performance across Arm architectures.

By integrating seamlessly with popular AI frameworks, Kleidi ensures that developers can quickly and efficiently bring their innovations to market.

Strategic Collaborations to Drive AI Advancements

Arm collaborates with industry leaders like Intel, MediaTek, Samsung, TSMC, and vivo. These partnerships support Arm’s vision for advancing AI computing capabilities.

The goal is to push the boundaries of mobile experiences and semiconductor innovation. They highlight a shared commitment to enhancing user experiences.

This collaboration also aims to accelerate AI-driven technological advancements.

Partner Quotes

Intel Foundry Services: “Our collaboration with Arm on leading-edge technology nodes, including Intel 18A, aims to deliver exceptional power, performance, and area metrics.” – Suk Lee, VP and GM, Ecosystem Technology Office, Intel Foundry Services

MediaTek: “Supporting the latest Armv9 Cortex-X925 CPU and Immortalis-G925 GPU in our upcoming Dimensity 9400 chipset exemplifies our ongoing partnership with Arm.” – JC Hsu, Corporate SVP, MediaTek

Samsung Electronics: “Combining Arm’s Cortex-X925 CPU with Samsung Foundry’s 3nm GAA process node addresses the demand for top-tier silicon technologies.” – Jongwook Kye, EVP, Foundry Design Platform Development, Samsung Electronics

TSMC: “Our collaboration with Arm empowers customers to accelerate AI innovation using advanced process technologies and design solutions.” – Dan Kochpatcharin, Head of Ecosystem and Alliance Management Division, TSMC

Vivo: “Leveraging Arm technology, we aim to deliver cutting-edge AI experiences on-device, enabling next-gen GenAI on devices.” – Xiaofei Xia, Chief Chipset Planning Expert, Vivo

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Arm AI-optimized Compute Subsystems for Client and innovative Kleidi software are set to transform mobile and AI computing.

These new tools offer superior performance and efficiency. They also provide developer-friendly resources. Arm is paving the way for next-generation AI-enabled devices.

This development highlights Arm’s commitment to innovation. It ensures a robust platform for future technological advancements. Arm’s solutions cater to the evolving demands of the AI era.

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