5 Summer Research Internship Programs at IITs in 2024

Explore five exciting summer research internship programs offered at various Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) in 2024, providing invaluable opportunities for students to engage in cutting-edge research across diverse fields.


In 2024, post-recession hiring has been strict and students at colleges across the country are sitting empty handed. These Summer research internship programs offered by premier IITs come like a savior.

Explore the rich research environment at IIT Madras and the interdisciplinary prospects at IIT Delhi, among others. Engage in practical learning and teamwork alongside esteemed faculty at IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, and IIT Hyderabad.

Don’t miss the chance to apply for these internship programs for an enriching experience.

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IIT Madras Summer Fellowship Programme

The best part about research internships is the papers/patents that the projects come with. Professors at IITs get projects through government programs or propose topics by interest. Upon completing these projects or a sub-part of the project, students have get an opportunity to add weightage to their resume.

The IITM Summer Fellowship Programme is a two-month opportunity with a stipend, aimed at fostering a deeper understanding and passion for high- quality academic research among aspiring Engineering, Management, Sciences, and Humanities students.

Participants will engage in a focused summer project at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Madras.


Candidates have to be in the 3rd year of B.E./B.Tech./B.Sc. (Engineering) or the 3rd or 4th year of an Integrated M.E./M.Tech. program, or in the 1st year of an ME/M.Tech/M.Sc./M.A or MBA program.

Applicants should have an exceptional academic record, with a focus on high ranks in university examinations.

Additionally, they should highlight their achievements, such as presenting papers at seminars, completing projects, participating in design contests, and ranking in Mathematics Olympiads, along with any other awards or distinctions they have received.


The program will run from May 22nd, 2024, to July 21st, 2024, with some flexibility in the schedule to accommodate students’ needs.


Participants will receive a stipend of Rs. 6000/- per month for a maximum period of 2 months.


The deadline for online submissions is 31-03-2024 at 5:00 pm.

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IIT Delhi Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Programme

IIT Delhi offers the prestigious Summer Research Fellowship Programme, providing outstanding undergraduate students with the chance to undertake Innovative research and development projects under the guidance of IIT Delhi faculty. Eligible applicants are students from various engineering institutes in India or abroad, excluding IITs, who rank within the top ten in their respective programs/branches. Students from IITs are not eligible to apply.


Undergraduate students, excluding those from IITs, who have completed at least two years of study in an engineering degree program and rank within the top ten in their respective programs, are eligible to apply for this fellowship.


The Fellowship work can be done in a period of 8-12 weeks which can be availed of during at the most two visits.


The fellowship includes travel expenses (Train-Sleeper class) within the country, to and from IIT Delhi, accommodation at IIT Delhi during the visit(s), Including boarding and lodging in the Institute hostels, fellowship amount of Rs. 500/- per week.

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IIT Hyderabad Summer Undergraduate Research Exposure (SURE)

This internship programme will tentatively start from 15th May. The last date to apply is 10th March.


Only non-IIT Hyderabad students are eligible for the SURE programme.

Prospective candidates should

Be in the first year of MSc (Maths/Physics/Chemistry/Biology) OR MA, or in the 2nd/3rd year of B.Tech./B.Des. (All branches), or in the 3rd/4th year of the Integrated B.Tech.-M.Tech. programme.

Rank among the top 20% based on CGPA/% score in all previous years within their discipline at their College/Institution/University. This ranking must be certified by the Head of the Institute/Principal at the time of application.

Be full-time/regular students at the time of application and throughout the internship period.

Be available to work full-time (minimum one month) for the internship; part-time or online internships are not permitted.


The internship will last for 1-2 months, tentatively scheduled between May and July (15.05.2024 to 14.07.2024).


Each intern will receive a total stipend of Rs. 15,000 for the entire duration of 2 months. For internships lasting one-and-a-half months, the stipend will be Rs. 10,000. For internships lasting one month, the stipend will be Rs. 7,500 per month.

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IIT Kanpur Summer Internship 2024 (SURGE 2024)

The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) administers the SURGE (Students-Undergraduate Research Graduate Excellence) programme at IIT Kanpur.Launched on 8 May 2006 by Professor Sanjay G. Dhande, the then Director of IIT Kanpur, SURGE has expanded over the years, offering increasing research opportunities to aspiring scholars.


This programme allows non-IITK Indian students with a CPI of 6 or higher to apply for a summer internship at IIT Kanpur. The eligibility criteria for non-IITK students at the start of the internship are as follows:

Completed 3rd year of B.Tech/BE/B-Arch/BS programs

3rd year of a five-year degree program (4th year completed)

Completed 2nd year of B.Sc/B.A. programs

Completed 1st year of M.Sc. 2-Year programs


The SURGE program will run for approximately 8 weeks, tentatively scheduled from 10th May, 2024, to 12th July, 2024.


Exceptional research in Engineering under the SURGE program will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- along with a commendation certificate.

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IIT Gandhinagar Summer Research internship programme

For whom (Eligibility): 

Students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree at a prominent institution in India.

Duration: At least 8 weeks within summer break of IITGN. The last date for receiving applications is March 5, 2024.


Applicants are required to work with an IITGN faculty.They are advised to review the list of participating faculties along with the description of projects being offered.

Applicants may apply for internship based on their interests and prior experience. They are free to apply for projects outside of their declared degree specializations.

Applicants will be required to make a presentation to the institute and submit a report at the end of the tenure.

Stipend & provisions

Weekly stipend of Rs. 2000 will be paid after completion of the internship. The stipend for faculty funded projects, however, may vary.

Hostel accommodation will be provided to the summer interns and students are required to pay the applicable hostel charges.

Click here for details of SRIP 2024.

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In conclusion, these prestigious summer internship programs offered by top IITs provide invaluable opportunities for students to engage in cutting-edge research and development projects.

Apart from the projects being offered, spending two months at these IIT’s can significantly mould one’s mindset.

IIT Delhi’s renowned startup culture and IIT Madars’ research park offers an innovation ecosystem that can inspire young minds to develop original products. An opportunity to work here must be welcomed with open arms.

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