5 Ways “Google for India” is Shaping Indian Digital Revolution

From local smartphone manufacturing to AI-driven enhancements and financial inclusion, discover how Google is shaping a "Digital India.

In an era where technology is increasingly central to daily life, Google remains committed to advancing the Indian digital revolution.

The annual Google for India event in 2023 witnessed the unveiling of several remarkable initiatives designed to bolster the digital ecosystem in the country.

These five pivotal announcements underscore Google’s unwavering commitment to leveraging technology and innovation for the betterment of India.

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Manufacturing Pixel Smartphones in India:

Google is taking a significant step in localizing its production by announcing plans to manufacture Pixel smartphones in India.

Google’s decision to manufacture Pixel smartphones in India aligns with the government’s “Make in India” initiative. The goal to broaden accessibility for Pixel devices across India.

The company’s initial focus will be on producing the upcoming Pixel 8. This manufacturing effort will involve partnerships with both international and domestic manufacturers.

This approach not only expands product availability but also fosters local manufacturing expertise.

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Enhancing Products through AI and Local Partnerships:

Google’s commitment to enhancing user experiences was evident at the event, where they demonstrated the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) through a more visual and localized generative AI experience on Search.

To make government programs more accessible and transparent, Google will introduce AI-powered overviews for over 100 crucial programs.

These programs encompass a wide array of domains, including employment, housing, healthcare, farming, and women’s welfare. This initiative will empower users with comprehensive information on these programs.

Moreover, Google is set to roll out new Search features designed to assist small businesses in improving their visibility in search results.

The enhanced features will include a more visually appealing, relevant, and easily-filterable product feed.

Leveraging the capabilities of generative AI, small businesses will be able to create high-quality catalogs that provide customers with enriched shopping experiences.

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Expanding Access to Formal Credit for Indian Digital revolution:

Google recognized the transformative role played by India’s Unified Payment Interface (UPI) in the country’s economy.

Google Pay users in India can now easily find and make payments for pre-approved credit lines provided by banks. This feature prioritizes consent and privacy, making it simpler for millions of underserved but eligible Indians to access formal credit.

Furthermore, Google is planning to make formal credit more accessible to small businesses in India, offering them flexibility to meet their working capital needs. This initiative has the potential to significantly impact India’s economic landscape, fostering growth and prosperity among small businesses.

Utilizing Google Cloud Infrastructure for Citizen-Centric Services- Indian Digital revolution:

Google Cloud is taking a central role in extending technology benefits to individuals and small businesses throughout India. They have partnered with Axis My India, a prominent media company, to launch a versatile, multilingual super-app called “a.”

This app’s primary aim is to increase awareness and access to government social welfare programs, daily essentials, job opportunities, and healthcare benefits. Leveraging Google Cloud’s strong infrastructure, “a” will ensure accessibility for Indians in both rural and urban areas, bridging the digital divide effectively.

Moreover, Google Cloud is strengthening its collaboration with the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) to streamline online sales for Farmer Producer Organizations. Additionally, Google is teaming up with the international arm of the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to introduce real-time UPI-based payment systems, simplifying overseas transactions for Indian users.

Strengthening Digital Safety with DigiKavach- Indian Digital revolution:

Recognizing the importance of digital safety in an interconnected world, Google introduced the DigiKavach initiative.

This collaborative effort involves partnering with industry experts and stakeholders to combat online financial fraud. DigiKavach is a program designed to understand how scammers operate and work collectively to develop and implement countermeasures against emerging scams.

The goal is to create a more secure and safer digital ecosystem where individuals can confidently use the internet for various aspects of their lives.


Google’s 2023 announcements show a strong commitment to driving innovation, inclusivity, and economic progress in India.

Through local smartphone manufacturing, AI-powered product enhancements, increased credit access, Google Cloud services, and digital safety measures like DigiKavach, Google is set to be a key player in Indian digital evolution.

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