Apple is working on ChatGPT-style AI : CEO

Apple is joining the ChatGPT revolution, reportedly developing its own generative AI tool to rival OpenAI's popular chatbot. The move could shake up the AI landscape and give Apple a new way to compete with its rivals. What do you think Apple's ChatGPT-style AI could be used for?
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In a recent conversation with the UK press, Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed Apple ongoing investments in artificial intelligence (AI) and confirmed the company’s efforts in generative AI like ChatGPT. Cook expressed his expectations to bolster Apple’s AI capabilities by hiring more AI professionals in the United Kingdom, underlining the integral role AI plays in Apple’s product portfolio.

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Tim Cook’s Remarks about ChatGPT like Apple Product:

During an interaction with the PA news agency, Cook shed light on Apple’s current and future involvement in AI. He affirmed that AI technology is already deeply integrated into Apple’s products, exemplifying its influence through features like Fall Detection and Crash Detection on the Apple Watch, atrial fibrillation (Afib) detection, ECG capabilities, and predictive typing on the iPhone.

Furthermore, Cook acknowledged rumors regarding Apple’s exploration of a ChatGPT-like service, signifying Apple’s interest in AI-driven conversational technologies. He emphasized that AI permeates various aspects of their products, showcasing its significance and ubiquity in enhancing user experiences.

“[Artificial Intelligence is] literally everywhere on our products,” he continued, “and of course we’re also researching generative AI as well, so yes we have a lot going on.”

Investing in ChatGPT like Generative AI and Expanding AI Talent in the UK:

Cook also confirmed Apple’s active research and investment in generative AI. Generative AI involves creating models that can generate content, such as text, images, or other media, based on patterns and information they have learned.

Additionally, Cook disclosed Apple’s plan to hire more AI professionals in the UK, highlighting the UK’s importance as a hub for AI development within the company. Apple’s focus on increasing AI talent reaffirms its commitment to staying at the forefront of AI innovation and integrating AI advancements into their future products.

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Apple’s Relationship with the UK:

Cook emphasized the UK’s importance to Apple, being the third-largest employee population globally. He praised the UK’s dynamic developer community, highlighting Apple’s 40-year relationship with the country. The UK is a key hub for Apple’s development community in Europe.

“[The UK is] our third largest employee population around the world from a country point of view,” said Cook. “It’s also the leading developer community for Europe and it’s as vibrant as ever before, it’s dynamic.”

“We love serving the [UK] market,” he continued, ” we’ve been here for 40 years, so it’s deeply embedded in us.”


Apple’s commitment to advancing AI technologies and integrating generative AI highlights its dedication to providing innovative and user-centric experiences.

Apple is set to enhance its products and strengthen its AI capabilities in the UK.
They’re focusing on AI development and talent expansion in the country.
This move will reinforce their position as an AI-driven technology pioneer.

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