Editorial Team

Editorial Team

VLSI Jobs 28th July

Discover the latest career prospects in Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) on July 28th. Explore a range of job openings in semiconductor design, verification, and related fields. Stay ahead in your VLSI career with the most recent opportunities in the industry.

India’s Semiconductor Industry Soars with Visionary Government

Get ready for a technological revolution as India's semiconductor industry takes flight under the visionary leadership of the present government! Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar's unwavering commitment and strategic vision have breathed new life into the electronics ecosystem, propelling India to the forefront of global electronics manufacturing. With boundless potential in the semiconductor sector, India is all set to achieve what seemed impossible for decades. Brace yourself for an electrifying future as India's tech prowess reaches new heights!

Learn Chip packaging

We'll explore the fundamentals of electronics and semiconductors, delving into the principles that underpin modern-day integrated circuits (ICs). We'll demystify the semiconductor fabrication process, shedding light on how these chips are brought to life before they undergo the packaging stage.

India’s Journey to Semiconductor Supremacy

Odisha gets SIC Fab
India's tech prowess has long been centered around software innovation, but now the nation sets its sights on a new frontier: semiconductor manufacturing. As India aims to break into the global market, challenges loom large, but opportunities for growth and innovation abound. Will India rise to the occasion and become a semiconductor powerhouse?

Senator Mark Kelly Aims to Cut Red Tape for US Chipmakers

Senator Mark Kelly is taking action to streamline regulations and reduce bureaucratic obstacles for U.S. chipmakers. Recognizing the critical role of semiconductor manufacturing in America's technological leadership, he aims to cut through red tape and create a more conducive environment for domestic chip production. By advocating for measures that promote innovation, enhance competitiveness, and support the semiconductor industry, Senator Kelly seeks to bolster America's position in the global chip market and ensure a secure and resilient supply chain for critical technologies.

HCL’s $300M Investment: Forging a Tech-Fueled Tomorrow

HCL Group, a global technology conglomerate, is set to revolutionize the tech world with a massive $300 million investment in the semiconductor sector. This strategic foray marks the company's determined step into the fast-evolving world of microelectronics, aiming to contribute to technological advancements and meet the surging demand for semiconductors. With a vision for a smarter, more connected future, HCL Group's bold move is poised to drive innovation and shape the landscape of technology-driven industries.