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One of the key things is, when you look at semiconductor companies, it’s all about experience.

~Lisa Su, CEO, AMD

5 Key takeaways from Intel AI Everywhere Event

Intel AI is everywhere event
Dive into the future of artificial intelligence with our breakdown of the 5 key takeaways from the Intel AI Everywhere Event. From transformative technologies to strategic commitments, this event marked a pivotal moment in AI innovation. Uncover the highlights that are set to redefine how we perceive and leverage artificial intelligence across diverse domains.

6 Essential Courses for Mastering Generative AI and Supercharging Productivity in 2024

Step into the future of technology with our curated list of the six must-take AI courses designed to propel you into mastery of Generative AI. From Google's creative prowess to the strategic insights offered by DeepLearning.AI, these courses are your gateway to unleashing creativity and enhancing productivity in the dynamic world of artificial intelligence. Dive into 2024 with the knowledge and skills needed to stay ahead in this AI-powered era!

Explained: Wonders of SoC (System-on-Chip) Design: Challenges & Future

Embark on a captivating exploration into the realm of SoC design, where the intricacies of technology converge to create wonders that power our everyday devices. In this journey, we unravel the complexities of seamlessly integrating diverse components onto a single chip, unlocking the potential for unprecedented efficiency and compact design.

What are Major Players in AI Ecosystem

Major players in AI ecosystem
Embark on a journey through the vast expanse of the AI ecosystem as we uncover the major players defining its contours. In this exploration, we navigate the realms of tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and IBM, witnessing their groundbreaking contributions. Simultaneously, we shine a spotlight on the nimble innovations of startups, each playing a crucial role in steering the trajectory of AI's future. Join us in unraveling the tapestry of the AI landscape and understanding the influential forces propelling its advancements.

35 free courses offered by IIM and Indian Govt.

Unlock the doors to education and skill development with this curated list of 35 free courses offered by the esteemed Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) and the Indian Government. Whether you're looking to delve into the intricacies of business management, master the art of digital marketing, or explore emerging technologies, these courses provide a unique opportunity for continuous learning.

Top 10 Free online courses from Stanford University

In a groundbreaking move, Stanford University has opened its virtual doors to learners worldwide, offering an array of high-quality, free online courses. From artificial intelligence to design thinking, these courses span across disciplines, providing an unparalleled opportunity for enthusiasts, professionals, and lifelong learners to upskill without the traditional constraints of application fees or tuition costs.