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The semiconductor industry’s news holds immense significance due to its pervasive influence on modern technology. From smartphones and computers to automotive and medical devices, semiconductors are integral to numerous products and sectors worldwide. Staying updated on international semiconductor news allows businesses and consumers to understand market trends, product developments, and potential disruptions in supply chains, impacting global industries.

China Defies US Sanctions with World’s Most Powerful Radar Chip

US & china are allies and enemies at the same time
The new chip was developed by a team of scientists at the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), a major Chinese defense contractor. The chip is made of gallium nitride, a semiconductor material that is known for its high power output and efficiency. The chip is also smaller and lighter than previous radar chips, making it easier to integrate into new systems.

EU Initiates Investigation into China’s EV Subsidies and Low-price Competition.

European Union (EU) has taken a significant step in response to the rapid expansion of China's electric vehicle (EV) market. This blog post explores the EU's decision to launch an investigation into China's subsidies for electric vehicles and the concerns surrounding the competitive advantage gained through low pricing strategies. Discover how this move could potentially reshape the global EV industry and competition dynamics between China and Europe.

TSMC May Be Forced to Build Advanced Packaging Fab in US

The US government has long wanted to rebuild the semiconductor supply chain in the country to improve US semiconductor security. TSMC, as the world's leading foundry, is an important partner for the US government in rebuilding the semiconductor supply chain. If TSMC is unwilling to build an advanced packaging fab in the United States, it could face sanctions or other penalties from the US government.