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The semiconductor industry’s news holds immense significance due to its pervasive influence on modern technology. From smartphones and computers to automotive and medical devices, semiconductors are integral to numerous products and sectors worldwide. Staying updated on international semiconductor news allows businesses and consumers to understand market trends, product developments, and potential disruptions in supply chains, impacting global industries.

Why India is Paying for 70% of Micron’s ATMP Plant, Even Though Micron Owns It 100%

India Pays 70% for US Company to Own 100% of Semiconductor Plant: Why?
The estimated total cost of setting up a Micron unit in India is $2.75 billion. The central government is subsidizing 50% of this cost, with the Gujarat state government providing an additional 20%. Surprisingly, Micron's direct investment accounts for only 30% of the total capital, meaning Micron will have complete ownership of a plant valued at $2.75 billion despite investing only $0.825 billion.

Why is TSMC Gambling On Risky US Bonds?

TSMC Founder
Over the past five years, TSMC has significantly increased its investments in US bonds that are causing market concerns due to their potential price collapse and default risks. The company's portfolio has grown from around 120 B in 2018 to over 270 B TWD. How does TSMC account for the market value of these short- and long-term corporate bonds and government bonds each quarter?

Taiwan to Investigate Companies Accused of Helping Huawei Build Chip Plants

Taiwan is investigating against their companies whether they invested in China
In recent developments, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) in Taiwan has initiated an investigation into four prominent Taiwanese companies over reports suggesting their involvement in assisting Huawei Technologies Co. in setting up chipmaking facilities within China. This investigation comes at a critical juncture, with Huawei being under strict sanctions imposed by the United States, citing national security concerns.

Soitec Inaugurates Groundbreaking EV Technology Plant in France

The newly inaugurated plant boasts a substantial 2,500 square meter footprint and is equipped to produce an impressive 500,000 SmartSiC wafers annually. This facility significantly aligns with Soitec's growth strategy, aimed at expanding its addressable markets threefold by the year 2030, thereby solidifying its position as a leader in the strategic semiconductor materials market.