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The semiconductor industry’s news holds immense significance due to its pervasive influence on modern technology. From smartphones and computers to automotive and medical devices, semiconductors are integral to numerous products and sectors worldwide. Staying updated on international semiconductor news allows businesses and consumers to understand market trends, product developments, and potential disruptions in supply chains, impacting global industries.

TSMC May Be Forced to Build Advanced Packaging Fab in US

The US government has long wanted to rebuild the semiconductor supply chain in the country to improve US semiconductor security. TSMC, as the world's leading foundry, is an important partner for the US government in rebuilding the semiconductor supply chain. If TSMC is unwilling to build an advanced packaging fab in the United States, it could face sanctions or other penalties from the US government.

Why Is Intel Producing Chips for Its Rival Tower Jazz?

The announcement of the deal came just a few weeks after Intel's CEO, Pat Gelsinger, said that the company was open to working with other chipmakers, even its competitors. This is a significant shift in strategy for Intel, which has traditionally been very secretive about its manufacturing process. However, the chip shortage has forced Intel to take a more collaborative approach.