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The semiconductor industry’s news holds immense significance due to its pervasive influence on modern technology. From smartphones and computers to automotive and medical devices, semiconductors are integral to numerous products and sectors worldwide. Staying updated on international semiconductor news allows businesses and consumers to understand market trends, product developments, and potential disruptions in supply chains, impacting global industries.

TSMC in Germany: EU’s Chip Dreams Come Up Short?

One of the most significant setbacks for the Chips Act has been TSMC's decision to build a chip factory in Germany. TSMC is the world's leading chipmaker, and its investment in Germany is a major coup for the EU. However, the factory will not be operational until 2027, and it will only produce 28-nanometer chips. This is far behind the 2-nanometer chips that the EU hopes to produce by 2030.

Chip War Escalates: China Cracks Down on Rare Metal Exports

Beijing’s imposition of export restrictions on essential metals, gallium and germanium, used extensively in semiconductor manufacturing, has officially taken effect on August 1, 2023. As these metals constitute indispensable components for semiconductor production, chipmakers worldwide are now grappling with the pressing imperative to diversify their supply chains and identify alternative sources.