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Taiwan to Investigate Companies Accused of Helping Huawei Build Chip Plants

Taiwan is investigating against their companies whether they invested in China
In recent developments, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) in Taiwan has initiated an investigation into four prominent Taiwanese companies over reports suggesting their involvement in assisting Huawei Technologies Co. in setting up chipmaking facilities within China. This investigation comes at a critical juncture, with Huawei being under strict sanctions imposed by the United States, citing national security concerns.

RSOLEC to invest $300 Million for Solar Manufacturing Plant in India

RSOLEC to invest in India
RSOLEC, a solar enterprise with operations in India and the USA, is investing $300 million in a new solar manufacturing venture in India. The venture will focus on crystal growth and wafering, which are essential steps in the solar manufacturing process. The venture is expected to create over 1,000 skilled jobs and contribute significantly to India's strategic solar manufacturing capacity.

What is US Vs Google Case?

US Vs Google case
The US v. Google antitrust case is a landmark legal challenge to the tech giant's dominance in the advertising technology market. The DOJ alleges that Google has used its power to stifle competition and raise prices for advertisers. If Google is found to have violated antitrust laws, it could be forced to change its business practices and open up the market to more competition.

Soitec Inaugurates Groundbreaking EV Technology Plant in France

The newly inaugurated plant boasts a substantial 2,500 square meter footprint and is equipped to produce an impressive 500,000 SmartSiC wafers annually. This facility significantly aligns with Soitec's growth strategy, aimed at expanding its addressable markets threefold by the year 2030, thereby solidifying its position as a leader in the strategic semiconductor materials market.