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Arm flexible access for DLI startups

Discover a groundbreaking collaboration between the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) and Arm, the world's leading semiconductor IP company, that aims to revolutionize India's semiconductor startup ecosystem. The partnership broadens support under the Design Linked Incentive Scheme (DLI), providing startups with access to the Arm Flexible Access for Startups program. This innovative initiative offers startups a $0 license fee access to cutting-edge Arm IP, tools, and training, empowering them to experiment, innovate, and design with confidence.

America’s struggle for semiconductor dominance

The race to dominate the semiconductor industry has intensified, with China's manufacturing capabilities on the rise. In response to this mounting threat, the US government is leaving no stone unturned to safeguard its national security and technological edge. A significant step in this direction is the recent memorandum of agreement (MOA) signed by the Departments of Commerce and Defense, emphasizing collaboration and coordination in distributing CHIPS incentive funds. This strategic move is expected to bolster the domestic semiconductor industry and maintain America's position as a global technological powerhouse.

Semicon India 2023: What all happened?

The recently concluded SemiconIndia Conference in Gandhinagar witnessed significant developments in India's semiconductor industry. With renewed determination, India is poised to tap into its vast potential in the semiconductor sector, aiming to achieve remarkable growth in the coming years.

Is U.S. Semiconductor Renaissance even possible ?

we explore the concerns raised by Acer founder Stan Shih and TSMC chairman Mark Liu regarding the U.S. lagging behind its Asian counterparts in chip manufacturing. Uncover the challenges of building a skilled workforce and specialized infrastructure while finding out how the groundbreaking CHIPS Act initiative seeks to steer the U.S. semiconductor industry toward a new era of growth and technological dominance. Get a glimpse of Intel's groundbreaking Silicon Heartland campus, a testament to the positive impact of government incentives on private investment and job creation in the semiconductor sector.

Odisha Soars as Synopsys Chooses Bhubaneswar for Chip Design Hub

Synopsys, a global leader in Electronics Design and Automation (EDA), has revealed its intention to establish a chip design centre in Odisha. This move comes as part of the state's efforts to build a resilient semiconductor ecosystem and promote industry-readiness in the workforce. The facility will house 300 chip design engineers specializing in high-tech roles and will include members from top Synopsys teams.

Silicon Power Group’s $122M Investment to Odissa, India

Silicon Power Group's investment in India's semiconductor industry is set to transform the landscape, with a focus on empowering electric car manufacturing and energy applications. RiR Power Electronics, the group's Indian unit, will establish a cutting-edge facility in Odisha to produce essential 150-millimeter silicon carbide components. This move aligns with India's vision to become a formidable semiconductor hub, attracting significant global investments and fostering sustainable technological advancements.