Expedera Opens Sixth Global R&D Center in Hyderabad, India: Implications

Expedera cited India's growing semiconductor industry as a key reason for choosing Hyderabad


Global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) hardware, Expedera, announced a major expansion on June 4, 2024, with the opening of a brand new R&D center in Hyderabad, India. This technology, edge AI inference, allows for processing AI tasks directly on devices, eliminating reliance on the cloud for computation.

This marks the company’s sixth development center, adding to its existing locations in Santa Clara (USA), Shanghai, Taipei, Bath (UK), and Singapore.

The decision to locate the new center in Hyderabad is a strategic one. Expedera acknowledges India’s booming semiconductor industry as a key factor. The company anticipates the Hyderabad R&D center to play a pivotal role in driving future advancements in AI technology.

This strategic expansion underscores Expedera’s commitment to innovation and leveraging global talent to meet the growing demand for advanced semiconductor solutions.

What is Expedera hoping to achieve with this new center?

Tap into India’s talent pool: India boasts a large pool of skilled engineers and computer scientists, which will be instrumental in Expedera’s continued innovation.

Leverage India’s growing semiconductor industry: India’s significant investments in domestic semiconductor production align perfectly with Expedera’s focus on AI hardware.

Become a frontrunner in AI development: Expedera expects the Hyderabad center to accelerate its progress in the field of edge AI inference.

What are the implications for Hyderabad?

Job creation: The new R&D center is expected to create new opportunities for engineers and researchers in Hyderabad.

Growth of the tech sector: Expedera’s presence will further solidify Hyderabad’s position as a major tech hub in India.

Boost to the local economy: The development center will likely attract other AI-focused companies and contribute to the overall economic growth of Hyderabad.

The opening of the Hyderabad R&D center signifies Expedera’s commitment to accelerating advancements in AI technology. This move also highlights India’s growing importance in the global semiconductor and AI landscape.

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Background on Expedera

Expedera has established itself as a key player in the semiconductor IP market, providing scalable neural engine solutions that deliver significant performance, power, and latency improvements.

The company’s solutions already validate silicon and prove effective in over 10 million devices. Expedera designs its Origin Neural Processing Unit products to integrate easily, scale efficiently, and customize to meet unique customer needs.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Expedera supports its global customer base through its development centers and offices in the United Kingdom, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and now India.

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Growing Demand and Strategic Expansion

The global demand for semiconductors is expected to surge significantly by 2030. However, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), in collaboration with Oxford Economics, has highlighted a looming workforce shortage.

The U.S. alone could face a shortfall of 67,000 skilled workers in the semiconductor sector and a broader gap of 1.4 million workers in related fields by 2030.

India, known for its vast pool of engineering talent, is well-positioned to address this gap.

“Market growth and the Indian government’s commitment to invest $15 billion in establishing a robust semiconductor ecosystem within the country promise to create a large supply of top semiconductor talent,”

Da Chuang, co-founder and CEO of Expedera.

“Fueled by a rapidly developing semiconductor ecosystem, India has the potential to become a focal point of innovation, making it an appealing choice for our new design center.”

Da Chuang, co-founder and CEO of Expedera.

Focus on Edge AI Inference

The new Hyderabad center, named Expedera India Private Limited, will focus on edge AI inference. This technology is crucial for real-time data processing with low power consumption in edge nodes, smartphones, and automotive systems.

The center’s establishment strategically leverages India’s engineering expertise. It aims to foster innovation in AI-driven semiconductor solutions.

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Global Presence and Customer Impact

Expedera’s expansion into India aligns with its global strategy to enhance customer service.
Other development centers in Santa Clara, Shanghai, Taipei, Bath, and Singapore will remain crucial.

The Hyderabad center will enhance Expedera’s ability to innovate and meet the growing demand for advanced semiconductor solutions.

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Expedera’s new R&D center in Hyderabad represents a significant step in the company’s global expansion strategy.

Expedera aims to innovate and meet global demand for advanced semiconductor solutions.
It leverages India’s engineering talent and commitment to semiconductor ecosystem development.

This strategy strengthens Expedera’s market position and contributes to global semiconductor supply chain growth.

This move strengthens Expedera’s market position and contributes to the growth and diversification of the global semiconductor supply chain.

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