Foxconn and NVIDIA Collaborate to Build Advanced Computing Center in Taiwan

The center's focus on NVIDIA's powerful AI platform (Blackwell) positions Taiwan as a leader in AI development and application. This could attract other AI companies and research institutions, creating a strong AI ecosystem in the region. 


Hon Hai Technology Group, commonly known as Foxconn, has announced plans to establish an advanced computing center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, utilizing NVIDIA’s Blackwell platform. This move signifies a significant step in the ongoing partnership between Foxconn and NVIDIA, aimed at driving intelligent ecosystems encompassing AI, electric vehicles (EVs), smart factories, robotics, and smart cities.

The project was announced earlier this month at COMPUTEX 2024 Here are some of the key details:

  • Focus on AI: The center will be built around NVIDIA’s powerful Blackwell platform and utilize the superchip GB200. This focus on AI technology aligns with Foxconn’s development of “smart” initiatives like smart cities, electric vehicles, and smart manufacturing
  • Massive Scale: The computing center will be enormous, consisting of 64 racks and a total of 4,608 GPUs (graphics processing units)
  • Completion Timeline: Construction is expected to be finished by 2026.

This collaboration between Foxconn’s manufacturing expertise and NVIDIA’s AI technology is significant for the development of advanced computing in Taiwan.

Hon Hai (Foxconn) and NVIDIA Collaborate to Build Advanced Computing Center in Taiwan

Strengthening Ties at COMPUTEX 2024

At COMPUTEX 2024, Foxconn’s Young Liu and NVIDIA’s Jensen Huang reaffirmed collaboration. They explored Ingrasys’ booth, a Foxconn subsidiary manufacturing NVIDIA’s innovative product like the GB200 NVL72, MGX, and HGX.

Key Features of the New Computing Center

The advanced computing center, set to be completed by 2026, will feature the NVIDIA Blackwell platform at its core. The center will include:

  • Superchip GB200 Servers: Equipped with 64 racks and 4,608 GPUs.
  • Enhanced AI Capabilities: Utilizing NVIDIA’s powerful AI technology to drive Foxconn’s three smart platforms: Smart Manufacturing, Smart EV, and Smart City.

Advanced Technology and Infrastructure

Foxconn’s new center will leverage NVIDIA’s Omniverse and Isaac robotics platforms, integrating cutting-edge AI and digital twin technologies. This setup will enable Foxconn to:

  • Optimize Manufacturing: Using image recognition and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for efficient capacity utilization.
  • Digital Twin Integration: Connecting virtual and physical production lines for real-time monitoring and excellence in manufacturing, particularly in EV assembly plants.

Background: A Legacy of Innovation

Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics manufacturing service provider, and NVIDIA, a leader in AI computing, have a history of successful collaboration.

Their joint efforts have led to the development of numerous high-performance computing solutions and AI-driven technologies.

The announcement of the new computing center is the latest milestone in their partnership, reflecting a shared commitment to advancing the capabilities of AI and smart technologies.

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Smart Manufacturing and EV Initiatives

Foxconn’s Qiaotou automotive manufacturing facility will be a benchmark AI factory. It will utilize digital twin technology. This technology allows for real-time monitoring. It also enables seamless collaboration between virtual and physical production lines.

This facility will support the manufacturing of an award-winning electric bus, which has seen demand exceed production capacity.

The partnership will also extend to developing an EV ADAS platform and a “cabin-driving-in-one” smart travel solution.

Smart City Platform in Kaohsiung

Foxconn and NVIDIA will collaborate with ecosystem partners to introduce generative AI applications for smart city initiatives in Kaohsiung.

These efforts will enhance public transportation management and extend to digital governance and healthcare, benefiting residents, businesses, and tourists alike.

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Industry Impact and Future Prospects

This collaboration advances AI and computing capabilities, showcasing generative AI’s transformative potential. Foxconn will leverage NVIDIA’s Omniverse and Isaac robotics platforms for efficient manufacturing. Kaohsiung’s smart city initiatives will set a global standard for urban development.

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