Foxconn announces investment of $400M in India to create 25000 jobs

This investment not only underscores the growing appeal of India as a manufacturing destination but also emphasizes Hon Teng's commitment to harnessing the country's potential.


In a move that underscores the continued globalization of manufacturing and technology investments, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., commonly known as Foxconn, and its subsidiary Hon Teng 6088 Precision Technology have announced substantial investments in Indian and Vietnamese companies. These investments reflect a strategic shift in the electronics manufacturing landscape, amplifying Hon Hai’s footprint in key Asian markets.

Hon Teng’s Multifaceted Investments

Hon Teng 6088 Precision Technology has taken center stage with its remarkable investments, further solidifying Foxconn’s influence in the electronics industry. The company’s strategic financial commitments are set to reshape the industry’s dynamics across multiple regions.

Expanding Footprint in India

In a significant move, Hon Teng has invested a substantial US$400 million in the Indian Sun Company through its Singapore subsidiary. This investment not only underscores the growing appeal of India as a manufacturing destination but also emphasizes Hon Teng’s commitment to harnessing the country’s potential. The injection of funds is poised to lay the foundation for new manufacturing plants in India, fortifying its position in this rapidly growing market.

Vietnam’s Technological Leap

Hon Teng’s investment in Vietnam’s Ngee An Sun Company, totaling $100 million, highlights the strategic importance of Vietnam in the global electronics supply chain. As the country continues to emerge as a manufacturing powerhouse, this investment is poised to foster technological advancement, economic growth, and job creation in the region.

Foxconn’s Interconnect Technology Expansion

Parallel to Hon Teng’s endeavors, Foxconn Interconnect Technology Singapore Pte. Ltd. (FIT Singapore), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hon Hai, is injecting significant capital into subsidiary companies, propelling their expansion and innovation.

Vietnam’s Connectivity Boost

FIT Singapore’s $100 million investment into Fu Wing Interconnect Technology (Nghe An) Company Limited in Nghe An Province, Vietnam, signifies a strategic effort to bolster interconnectivity solutions. This move aligns with Vietnam’s burgeoning tech sector and highlights the role of connectivity in advancing various industries.

Strengthening India’s Manufacturing Capabilities

FIT Singapore’s infusion of $400 million into Chang Yi Interconnect Technology (India) Private Limited holds immense promise for India’s electronics manufacturing landscape. With Chang Yi Interconnect Technology holding a significant stake in the Indian market, this investment is set to enhance the nation’s manufacturing prowess and contribute to its position as a global manufacturing hub.


Hon Hai’s and its subsidiary Hon Teng’s combined investments in India and Vietnam represent a forward-looking approach to global electronics manufacturing expansion. By strategically injecting capital into key subsidiaries, Hon Hai aims to strengthen its foothold in India and Vietnam, tapping into their immense potential. These investments not only accelerate technological advancement but also underscore the interconnected nature of today’s global economy. As Hon Hai continues to make strategic inroads into these markets, it paves the way for a more interconnected, innovative, and prosperous future in the electronics manufacturing sector.

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