From Real Estate to Data Wave: Rustomjee to Build Data Center in India

The Indian data center market is booming due to factors like increasing internet penetration, cloud adoption, and government initiatives. Rustomjee's entry could be driven by the potential for high returns in this sector.


Keystone Realtors, widely known as the Rustomjee Group, is set to diversify its portfolio by entering the data center market. They’re planning to enter the data center business, which seems like a strategic shift considering the Indian government’s recent push for data center development

This strategic expansion aims to tap into the growing demand for digital infrastructure and residential spaces, as announced by Boman Irani, chairman and managing director of Rustomjee Group.

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Rustomjee: From Redevelopment to Data Centers

The group is now broadening its horizons by venturing into the data center market. The increasing digitalization across industries drives this move.

Data centers are critical due to the surge in data consumption and storage needs. Cloud computing, big data, and AI technologies fuel this demand.

The Indian data center market is booming due to factors like increasing internet penetration, cloud adoption, and government initiatives. Rustomjee’s entry could be driven by the potential for high returns in this sector.

As a real estate developer, Rustomjee has experience with large-scale construction projects. This expertise could be valuable in building and managing data centers which require robust infrastructure and security measures.

Specific details about Rustomjee’s data center plans are yet to be revealed. This includes the size and location of their planned facilities, the technology they plan to use, and their target customer base (major companies, cloud providers, etc.).

The global data center market is growing rapidly. India is emerging as a significant player because of favorable policies, strategic location, and a growing digital economy.

As the demand for data storage and management grows, entering the data center market presents a significant opportunity for us,”

Boman Irani highlighted the importance of this move.

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Rustomjee Data center: Raising Funds for Expansion

To support its expansion into these new verticals, the Rustomjee Group plans to raise funds through a qualified institutional placement (QIP).

This move will help the company secure the necessary capital to develop its data center infrastructure and residential projects efficiently.

We are confident that raising funds via QIP will provide us with the financial flexibility to pursue these ambitious projects, our commitment is to deliver high-quality developments that enhance our reputation and market presence.


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Rustomjee Data center: Combining Experience with Innovation

The Rustomjee Group’s venture into data centers and plotted developments underscores its strategic vision to diversify and innovate within the real estate sector.

With a strong foundation in redevelopment, the company can leverage its expertise and reputation to succeed in these new areas.

Moreover, the group’s focus on entering the data center market aligns with the broader digital transformation goals of India, supporting the nation’s push towards a digitally empowered society.

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Rustomjee Data center: Human Resources

To successfully navigate this expansion, Rustomjee Group recognizes the importance of strengthening its human resources.

The company plans to hire specialized talent in the fields of data center management, digital infrastructure, and residential project development.

By investing in skilled professionals, Rustomjee aims to ensure the highest standards of quality and innovation in its new ventures.

“We believe that our human resources are our most valuable asset. By bringing in experts and training our existing team, we aim to build a robust foundation for our new projects,” added Irani. “This approach will enable us to deliver on our promise of excellence and innovation.”


The Rustomjee Group’s announcement marks a significant step in its journey of expansion and diversification. By venturing into the data center segment, the company aims to meet the evolving needs of the digital market.

It also plans to launch new plotted development projects to address real estate demands. This strategic shift will position Rustomjee as a versatile and forward-thinking player.

The company will cater to a wide range of customer demands. Additionally, it will contribute to India’s economic growth.

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