Game Changer! Infineon Unveils Next-Gen CoolGaN Tech for Efficient Power Systems

These innovations are expected to improve the efficiency, density, and cost-effectiveness of power management systems in various applications.


Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) has introduced two groundbreaking technologies, CoolGaN™ Bidirectional Switch (BDS) and CoolGaN Smart Sense, aimed at enhancing the performance and cost-effectiveness of power systems.

CoolGaN Bidirectional Switch (BDS): This family offers improved switching behavior (both soft and hard switching) with versions available at different voltage ratings (40V, 650V, and 850V) [1]. Applications include USB ports in mobile devices, battery management systems, inverters, and rectifiers [1]. The higher voltage versions (650V and 850V) are particularly notable for their design with features like four operational modes and the ability to replace multiple conventional transistors with a single unit, leading to benefits in efficiency, size, reliability, and cost.

CoolGaN Smart Sense: This technology integrates current sensing functionality with a transistor switch, simplifying design and minimizing power loss. It’s ideal for consumer USB-C chargers and adapters.

These innovations are expected to improve the efficiency, density, and cost-effectiveness of power management systems in various applications.

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As demand for specialized chips capable of handling high voltages continues to rise, Infineon has responded with the development of CoolGaN™ BDS and Smart Sense technologies. These advancements come at a time when industries such as automotive, aerospace, and industrial sectors increasingly rely on efficient and reliable power systems to support their advanced applications.

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About Infineon

Infineon Technologies AG is a global semiconductor leader specializing in power systems and IoT solutions. With a workforce of around 58,600 employees worldwide, Infineon is committed to driving decarbonization and digitalization through its innovative products and solutions.

CoolGaN Bidirectional Switch (BDS)

The CoolGaN BDS technology offers exceptional soft- and hard-switching behavior, with bidirectional switches available at voltage ratings of 40 V, 650 V, and 850 V. Targeting applications in mobile device USB ports, battery management systems, inverters, and rectifiers, these high-voltage chips provide superior performance and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Monolithic bidirectional switch with four modes of operation
  • True normally-off characteristics
  • Utilizes gate injection transistor (GIT) technology for enhanced performance
  • Ideal for single-phase H4 PFC, HERIC inverters, and three-phase Vienna rectifiers

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CoolGaN Smart Sense

The CoolGaN Smart Sense products feature lossless current sensing, simplifying design and reducing power losses in consumer USB-C chargers and adapters. With a 2 kV electrostatic discharge withstand capability, these products enable peak current control and overcurrent protection, ensuring optimal efficiency and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Lossless current sensing technology
  • 2 kV electrostatic discharge withstand capability
  • Peak current control and overcurrent protection
  • Footprint compatible with Infineon’s transistor-only CoolGaN package

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Infineon’s CoolGaN technologies offer numerous benefits, including higher efficiency, reduced power losses, and significant cost savings. By replacing conventional transistors with CoolGaN solutions, applications can achieve greater efficiency, density, and reliability while minimizing design complexity and cost.


  • Automotive: Electric vehicle charging systems, battery management
  • Aerospace: Power systems for aircraft and satellites
  • Industrial: High-power inverters, rectifiers, and motor control

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Infineon’s CoolGaN™ Innovations Revolutionize Power Systems

Infineon’s CoolGaN™ Bidirectional Switch (BDS) and Smart Sense technologies represent a significant advancement in semiconductor innovation. These solutions address the escalating demand for high-voltage chips in automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications, offering higher efficiency, reduced power losses, and significant cost savings. By simplifying design complexity and enhancing reliability, Infineon is driving the transition towards more efficient and reliable power systems. These innovations highlight Infineon’s dedication to advancing semiconductor technology. They ensure a brighter, more sustainable future for industries dependent on advanced power solutions.

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The introduction of CoolGaN BDS and Smart Sense technologies underscores Infineon’s commitment to innovation in the semiconductor industry. Infineon’s latest advancements in semiconductor technology are addressing the rising need for high-voltage chips. The introduction of the CoolGaN portfolio signifies a major stride towards more efficient and dependable power systems. These innovations are poised to revolutionize various industries by delivering higher performance and cost-effectiveness. As Infineon pushes the boundaries of semiconductor technology, the CoolGaN portfolio stands out as a game-changer in power system design.

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