Intel AI PC accelration Programme

How Intel AI PC Acceleration Program Plans to enable AI on More Than 100 Million PCs by 2025

Dive into the cutting-edge realm of AI innovation as Intel spearheads a transformative journey with Meteor Lake, ushering in a new era for PCs.
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To unleash the full potential of AI on PCs, software and hardware vendors need to work together to create AI-powered solutions that can utilize the latest technologies and tools. That’s why World’s leading chipmaker, has launched the Intel AI PC Acceleration Program, a new initiative that aims to provide resources and support to software and hardware vendors, enabling them to create AI-powered features that can utilize its upcoming Core Ultra mobile chips, code-named “Meteor Lake”, which have AI capabilities and launched on December 14, 2023.

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What is the Intel AI PC Acceleration Program?

The AI PC Acceleration Program is an extension of Intel Partner Alliance’s AI Accelerator Initiative, which has over 100 software vendors and more than 300 AI-powered features so far. Some of the participants include Adobe, Zoom, Filmore, Wondershare, Audacity, Webex, BlackMagic, and XSplit.

The program provides participants with access to Intel resources and technologies, as well as training and support. Some of the benefits include:

-Access to tools:

Participants can access valuable tools for free, such as cloud storage credits, cloud computing with access to CPUs and GPUs with built-in hardware acceleration and optimized software tools for the AI workflow. These tools can help startups and developers save costs and improve performance.

-Technical expertise:

Participants can also access technical expertise from Intel engineers and experts, who can provide guidance and feedback on various aspects of AI development, such as model optimization, performance tuning, and best practices. This can help participants overcome challenges and avoid pitfalls in their AI projects.

-Co-engineering and co-marketing opportunities:

Participants can also benefit from co-engineering and co-marketing opportunities with Intel, which can help them increase their visibility and reach more customers. For example, participants can showcase their AI-powered features at Intel events, or be featured in Intel marketing collateral.

-AI toolkits:

Participants can also use Intel’s AI toolkits, such as OpenVino, an open-source toolkit that converts and optimizes models trained using frameworks like PyTorch and TensorFlow. OpenVino can help participants deploy their AI models across various platforms, such as PCs, the edge, and the cloud, with minimal code changes.

The goal of the program is to promote the creation of AI-enabled apps and features, so customers can take full advantage of the new AI hardware on their PCs. Intel believes AI will enhance the computing experience and expects this program to enable AI on more than 100 million PCs by 2025.

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Meteor Lake from Intel AI PC Acceleration Program

Meteor Lake is the code name for Intel’s upcoming Core Ultra mobile chips, which are the first to come with an integrated AI accelerator, which Intel calls neural processing unit (NPU).It is a dedicated hardware unit that can perform AI tasks faster and more efficiently than the CPU or GPU, without compromising battery life or performance.

The NPU can handle various AI tasks, such as image and video processing, natural language processing, speech recognition, and more. It can also enable features such as face detection and recognition, object detection and tracking, and style transfer in photo and video editing apps.

The NPU can also work in tandem with the CPU and GPU, using a technology called Deep Link, which allows the NPU to offload some of the AI tasks from the CPU and GPU, or to combine the capabilities of all three units to achieve higher performance and efficiency.

Debuted on 14th December 2023, Meteor Lake will be available in various configurations, ranging from Core i3 to Core i7, with different clock speeds, core counts, and cache sizes. Intel claims that Meteor Lake will offer up to 40% more performance than its predecessor, Tiger Lake, and will outperform both the Apple M2 and the AMD Ryzen 7 7840U, which are its main competitors in the mobile chip market.

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Intel, as the leader in the PC chip market, is playing a key role in accelerating AI innovation on PCs, by launching the AI PC Acceleration Program, and introducing the Meteor Lake chips, which have integrated AI capabilities. These initiatives can help software and hardware vendors, as well as developers and startups, to create and deploy AI-powered features that can utilize the new AI hardware on PCs, and enhance the performance and functionality of various applications and services. Intel expects this program to enable AI on more than 100 million PCs by 2025, and believes AI will enhance the computing experience of consumers across several categories, including live video collaboration, streaming, audio effects, content creation, and gaming.

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