Huawei Resurgence: 9% Revenue Surge Fueled by Smartphone Explosion

Once a champion in the realm of smartphones, the company faced a notable slowdown in revenue growth, marking a departure from the soaring numbers of the previous year.
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Huawei, a name synonymous with sleek smartphones and powerful networking equipment, reigned resurgence in the smartphone world. Huawei’s Smartphone were everywhere, capturing memories with stunning detail and keeping people connected on the go.

But beneath the shiny screens and buzzing data traffic, Huawei quietly built the backbone of the internet in many countries, a silent powerhouse keeping the world online.

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Huawei Smartphone Resurgence: Sanctions

In 2019, the ground shifted beneath Huawei’s feet. A storm brewed across the Pacific, as the United States, a global tech giant, raised suspicions about their involvement in national security concerns.

The result? A wrench thrown into Huawei’s intricate machinery – restrictions on critical technology, the very building blocks of their success. It was like taking away the artist’s brush mid-masterpiece, leaving the unfinished canvas a stark reminder of uncertainty.

With these restrictions in place, doubts about Huawei’s future gnawed at the edges. Could they build new phones without these essential chips? they innovate and compete in a market that moved at breakneck speed? Could the once-unstoppable champion of connectivity become just another fallen player in the tech wars?
This was the crossroads where Huawei stood in 2019.

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Rising from the Ashes: Huawei smartphone Resurgence

With 2019’s storm still raging, Huawei faced a seemingly insurmountable challenge – building smartphones without the crucial chips restricted by the US.

But in August 2023, they struck a blow of defiance, a technological David slinging a 7-nanometer stone at the tech Goliath. The weapon? The Mate 60 Pro, a flagship Huawei’s Smartphone powered by a domestically developed Kirin chip – a feat many deemed impossible.

This wasn’t just a phone launch; it was a technological moonshot. Huawei had defied the odds, building their own engine amidst crippling restrictions. The message was clear: we can innovate, we can adapt, and we’re not going down without a fight.

This audacious move sent shockwaves through the tech world. Applause reverberated from China, and even global competitors acknowledged the sheer audacity of the feat.

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Resurgence: Impact of Huawei Smartphone

The impact was immediate. Huawei’s Smartphone sales surged, defying expectations and chipping away at Apple’s market share.

The Mate 60 Pro, once a symbol of uncertainty, became a beacon of hope, a testament to Chinese technological prowess. Consumers, proud of their homegrown champion, flocked to stores, rekindling trust in the Huawei brand.
This wasn’t just about market share or a single phone; it was about rewriting the narrative. Huawei, once ostracized, became a symbol of China’s tech ambitions and its unyielding spirit.

The Mate 60 Pro, a phone born from adversity, became an emblem of defiance, a phoenix rising from the ashes of doubt.

Chinese tech giant Huawei predicts that its revenue will grow by approximately 9% in 2023, reaching 630 billion yuan ($91 billion) for the full year.

Huawei Smartphone Resurgence: Let us Talk numbers

The company disclosed its 2023 business outlook on December 29th, noting that while it faces continued difficulties due to trade restrictions, its focus on new growth areas has fuelled resilient financial performance.

Growth Challenges, Smartphone Momentum, and Technological Breakthroughs

In 2022, Huawei generated $94.7 billion in sales revenue, an increase of just over 2% from the prior year. This marked a significant slowdown in growth compared to 2021, when revenue grew by nearly 30%.

However, the company stated that its consumer business, particularly smartphone sales, regained strong momentum in the second half of 2022. Huawei shipped over 60 million smartphones in the first three quarters, surpassing its 2021 volume.

Beyond mobile devices, Huawei has invested heavily in high-tech infrastructure and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud services. These sectors now account for over 50% of the company’s total revenue.

Huawei also reported significant breakthroughs in semiconductor design and manufacturing capabilities despite being cut off from advanced chips due to US trade restrictions since 2019.

The company remains on the US Entity List, which limits its access to vital technology and components from American suppliers.

However, Huawei rotating chairman Eric Xu stated that the company has adapted to sanctions through supply chain reorganization and technology self-development.

Huawei’s 2023: fighting geopolitical adversities

Huawei’s story in 2023 wasn’t just about numbers on a ledger; it was a breathtaking saga of resilience, innovation, and defiance against seemingly insurmountable odds. From the ashes of crippling US sanctions, they rose like a phoenix, defying expectations and rekindling hope for their future.

The Mate 60 Pro, a Huawei’s Smartphone born from adversity, became a symbol of their resurgence, showcasing their technological prowess and unwavering spirit. But Huawei’s triumph wasn’t a solo act.

Robust sales in 5G equipment, strategic partnerships with state-owned entities, and a bold foray into semiconductor production – each piece played a crucial role in their diversified empire.

Yet, the fire that fuelled their rise still faces headwinds. US pressure continues, critical components remain scarce, and the global economic climate is a constant storm cloud.

However, Huawei faces these challenges with a phoenix’s resolve, streamlining operations, focusing on strategic investments, and adapting to the ever-changing tech landscape.


Will Huawei’s flight continue soaring to new heights, or will the headwinds force them to navigate a choppier course? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: Huawei’s story is far from over.

They have earned their place as a symbol of China’s tech ambitions and a testament to the indomitable spirit of innovation in the face of adversity

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