Apply for IISc Internship programme For Science And Engineering Students

A great opportunity for aspiring students to engage and witness Quantum Technology research at IISc.


On the auspicious occasion of National Science Day, the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, has unveiled an exciting opportunity for students eager to delve into the realm of quantum technology. In the tradition, the institute has announced the commencement of the application process for the Q-Daksha Student Internship Programme 2024, aimed at fostering exploration and innovation in this cutting-edge field.

Moreover, scheduled to run for 4-8 weeks, this internship promises to be a transformative experience for budding scientists and engineers.

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About the IISc Internship programme:

The Q-Daksha Student Internship Programme is a testament to IISc’s commitment to nurturing talent and promoting interdisciplinary research.

Designed exclusively for students hailing from Karnataka, the programme offers a unique platform to engage with quantum technology research at one of India’s premier scientific institutions.

Moreover, by immersing themselves in this dynamic environment, participants will have the opportunity to gain invaluable insights and hands-on experience under the mentorship of esteemed faculty members and researchers.

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Eligibility Criteria for IISc Internship programme:

The eligibility criteria for prospective applicants are as follows:

  • Students in their III/IV-year of BE/BTech or I/II-year of MSc/MTech programmes.
  • Individuals from diverse science and engineering disciplines, including but not limited to Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics, Nanotechnology, etc.

Application Process for IISc Internship programme:

Interested candidates can apply by scanning the QR code provided by the institute.

The application deadline is March 21, providing aspiring interns with ample time to prepare and submit their applications.

Additionally,the selection process will be rigorous, ensuring that only the most motivated and talented individuals are chosen for this prestigious opportunity.

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Opportunities for Growth:

Participating in the Q-Daksha Student Internship Programme offers more than just academic enrichment. Moreover,

It serves as a gateway to a network of like-minded peers and mentors, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Moreover, interns can expect to receive a stipend commensurate with their dedication and contribution. This makes the programme not only intellectually rewarding but also financially viable.

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A Call to Action:

As quantum technology continues to revolutionize various fields, from computing to communication, the demand for skilled professionals in this domain is on the rise.

Additionally,the Q-Daksha Student Internship Programme presents a golden opportunity for aspiring scientists and engineers to immerse themselves in this exciting frontier of research.

By applying their knowledge and passion, participants can contribute to groundbreaking discoveries and shape the future of technology.

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In Conclusion:

The launch of the Q-Daksha Student Internship Programme 2024 marks a significant milestone in IISc’s ongoing efforts to promote scientific excellence and innovation.

Through this initiative, the institute seeks to inspire the next generation of researchers and pioneers in the field of quantum technology.

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