IIT-M Startup Launches Smart Ring with Health Tracking and Payment Features

The smart ring, called Ring One, is the brainchild of Muse Wearables, a startup founded by IIT Madras alumni.
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In the heart of India’s thriving tech ecosystem, Muse Wearables, a cutting-edge startup incubated at the esteemed IIT-M Incubation Cell, smart ring with health tracking.

It is poised to create waves in the global wearable technology market.

Through the Startup latest innovation, the ‘Ring One,’ promises to revolutionize the way we think about wearables.

This smart ring, designed and manufactured entirely in India, offers a range of advanced features that set it apart from its competitors.

Scheduled for a global launch on September 27, 2023, with an Indian release following on October 25, Ring One has already generated significant buzz.

The product is now open for pre-reservations, signaling the anticipation and excitement surrounding this unique piece of wearable technology.

Pioneering Health Tracking Capabilities

At the heart of Ring One’s innovation is its unparalleled health tracking capabilities.

Muse Wearables claims that Ring One has been meticulously trained with an impressive dataset of 5 million data points gathered from over 4,000 individuals.

This extensive training enables the smart ring to provide clinical-grade accuracy for health-related information, setting a new standard for wearables .

One of Ring One’s standout features is its cuff-less blood pressure measurement function, a groundbreaking achievement within the realm of wearable technology.

With this feature, users can effortlessly monitor their blood pressure without the need for bulky.

uncomfortable cuffs, making health tracking more accessible and convenient than ever before.

Intuitive User Experience smart ring

Ring One boasts a user-friendly interface, featuring the innovative ‘Turn wheel’ and the all-new ‘Magic Glyph’ interface on the charging casein IIT-M.

These interfaces make interacting with the device a breeze and set Ring One apart from its competitors. Users can expect a truly unique and intuitive experience.

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Comprehensive Health Monitoring

George Francis, the Chief Technology Officer of Muse Wearables, describes Ring One as the ultimate health companion.

This smart ring can measure an impressive array of vital signs, including Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Temperature, Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate Variability, and Blood Pressure.

With this comprehensive health monitoring capability, users can take charge of their well-being and stay informed about their health in real-time.

Elegant Design and Durability

Constructed using Titanium grade 2 and Ceramic (Zirconia), Ring One is not only lightweight but exceptionally durable.

Its multi-layered coating and diamond polishing ensure a stunning finish while making it resistant to scratches.

To maximize comfort during wear, the inner layer of the ring is made from medical-grade epoxy, ensuring a snug fit throughout the day.

Extended Battery Life

In the world of wearables, battery life is a critical factor. Ring One impresses with a battery life of up to seven days.

When combined with the charging case, users can extend the battery life for up to a month, eliminating the need for frequent charging and ensuring uninterrupted usage.

As the global launch date approaches, the anticipation for Ring One continues to build.

Muse Wearables, based in Bengaluru with registered offices in Chennai, Singapore, and the US.

It has a track record of innovation with its payment-enabled hybrid smartwatches.

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Now, with Ring One, they aim to disrupt the wearable technology market once more, providing consumers with a stylish and durable smart ring.

That serves as a comprehensive and user-friendly health companion.

With its groundbreaking features and Indian roots, Ring One is ready to redefine our expectations of wearable technology.

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