India is Ready for semiconductor revolution: PM Modi

Discover India's remarkable ascent as a semiconductor powerhouse in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's compelling address at SemiconIndia 2023.
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In recent years, India has made remarkable strides in positioning itself as a viable chipmaking hub on the global stage. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address at SemiconIndia 2023 in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar exemplifies India’s commitment to welcoming the semiconductor industry with open arms. As the world recovers from the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and geopolitical uncertainties, India emerges as a trusted partner for global supply chains. With a massive talent pool and a rapidly growing electronics sector, India is inviting investors to capitalize on the opportunities that lay ahead. This blog post delves into India’s journey to becoming a semiconductor powerhouse and the promising prospects it offers to the global semiconductor industry.

India’s Transformation in the Electronics Sector

Prime Minister Modi’s remarks on the astounding growth of India’s electronics sector are a testament to the country’s transformation over the past few years. In 2014, the electronics production in India was below $30 billion, but today it has surged to over $100 billion. This substantial growth showcases India’s potential and attractiveness as a destination for high-tech manufacturing.

The Red Carpet for Semiconductor Investors

In his address, Prime Minister Modi expressed India’s eagerness to welcome semiconductor investors with a “red carpet” treatment. He highlighted that those who act swiftly in engaging with India’s semiconductor industry will gain a first-mover advantage. The Indian government’s commitment to easing regulatory processes and creating a conducive environment for foreign investment is evident in its approach.

India’s Value as a Trusted Partner

The world’s dependence on semiconductors has become increasingly evident in recent times, with various industries heavily relying on these microchips for their products. Prime Minister Modi emphasized that India recognizes the importance of being a trusted partner for global supply chains in the semiconductor sector. As the world’s largest democracy, India’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and reliability makes it an attractive choice for multinational companies seeking secure supply chains.

The Power of India’s Talent Pool

One of India’s biggest assets in its semiconductor journey is its vast talent pool. PM Modi pointed out that India is projected to have over 100,000 chip design engineers by 2028, highlighting the country’s focus on nurturing and developing skilled professionals in the field. This pool of talent ensures that India can not only cater to its domestic semiconductor needs but also play a pivotal role in meeting global demand.

The Post-Pandemic and Geopolitical Landscape

As the world emerges from the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and navigates through geopolitical uncertainties like the Russia-Ukraine war, India stands as a beacon of stability and opportunity. By positioning itself as a reliable semiconductor supplier and a trusted partner, India seeks to play a vital role in fostering international cooperation and bolstering global supply chains.


India’s ambitious journey towards becoming a semiconductor powerhouse is no longer a distant dream; it is a promising reality. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s invitation to global investors during the SemiconIndia 2023 event reflects the country’s commitment to embracing innovation, promoting investments, and establishing itself as a significant player in the semiconductor industry. With a burgeoning electronics sector, a thriving talent pool, and a focus on being a dependable partner in global supply chains, India indeed has the potential to transform the global semiconductor landscape. As investors step onto the red carpet rolled out by India, they embark on a journey of growth and partnership that will undoubtedly shape the future of the semiconductor industry.

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