IndiaAI Mission: MeitY’s Rs 10,372 Crore Push for AI Brilliance in Top Engineering Institutes

MeitY has invited the top 50 engineering institutes in the country to nominate B.Tech/M.Tech students for AI project fellowships upto 2 Lacs.


Artificial intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront of technological innovation, poised to transform industries and societies around the globe. Recognizing the immense potential and the need for a robust AI infrastructure, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has officially launched the Rs 10,372 crore IndiaAI Mission.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to foster AI research and development in India by harnessing the talent and creativity of the nation’s brightest engineering students.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has launched the Rs 10,372 crore IndiaAI Mission, inviting top 50 engineering institutes to nominate students for AI project fellowships.

Launch of IndiaAI Mission

The IndiaAI Mission, approved by the Union Cabinet in March 2024, is designed to position India as a global leader in AI technology.

It focuses on various pillars, including the IndiaAI FutureSkills program, which promotes AI education and skill development at undergraduate, masters, and PhD levels.

This initiative is a strategic move to build a proficient workforce capable of driving AI innovation and application in diverse fields.

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Fellowships for AI Projects

A key component of the IndiaAI Mission is the fellowship program for B. Tech and M. Tech students.MeitY has invited the top 50 engineering institutes in the country, including prestigious IITs and NITs, to nominate students for AI project fellowships.

This initiative aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, fostering a new generation of AI experts.

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Funding Details

The fellowship program offers substantial financial support to selected students:

  • B. Tech Students: The fellowship amount is capped at Rs 1 lakh, distributed in three tranches. The first tranche of Rs 50,000 is transferred upon acceptance of the nomination by IndiaAI. The second tranche of Rs 25,000 is provided after the completion of the seventh semester, contingent upon achieving 80% marks. The final tranche of Rs 25,000 is awarded upon project submission.
  • M. Tech Students: These students receive a total of Rs 2 lakh, distributed in four tranches of Rs 50,000 each. MeitY will transfer the first tranche after nomination acceptance, the second after the first semester with a minimum of 80% marks, the third after the second semester under the same condition, and the fourth after project submission.

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Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for the fellowship is based on academic performance and project relevance:

  • B. Tech Students: Must have achieved an overall 80% marks or equivalent grade in the last semester. Institutions nominating students with lower grades must provide a justification.
  • M. Tech Students: Must be pursuing postgraduate studies in AI-related courses and working on a thesis in AI and related subjects.

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Selection Process

MeitY has requested each of the 50 engineering institutes to nominate 10 students from both B. Tech and M. Tech programs who are undertaking AI projects. This initiative is part of the ministry’s 100-day agenda under the IndiaAI FutureSkills program and will play a prominent role in the overall mission strategy.

Impact on AI Education and Industry

The fellowship program is set to significantly impact AI education in India. By providing financial support for cutting-edge AI projects, the program will enable students to explore innovative ideas and applications. This support will supplement existing fellowships and cover the duration of their projects—one year for B. Tech students and two years for M. Tech students.

The broader impact of the IndiaAI Mission extends to various sectors:

  • Healthcare: AI can revolutionize diagnostics, treatment planning, and patient care.
  • Finance: AI-driven algorithms can enhance fraud detection, risk assessment, and financial forecasting.
  • Transportation: AI can improve traffic management, autonomous vehicle development, and logistics.

By fostering a skilled workforce in AI, the IndiaAI Mission aims to accelerate the adoption of AI technologies across these and other sectors, contributing to India’s goal of becoming a global AI powerhouse.

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The IndiaAI Mission represents a significant investment in the future of AI in India. By supporting the next generation of AI scholars, MeitY is laying the groundwork for technological advancements that will drive innovation and economic growth. As the mission unfolds, it will be exciting to see the impact of these fellowships on AI research and development in India.

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