Vyoma Systems

Indian Semicon Startup Series: Vyoma Systems

Founded in 2017 by a team of seasoned engineers and technology veterans, Vyoma Systems has swiftly carved a niche for itself in the highly competitive world of semiconductors.
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Vyoma Systems is a startup company that provides innovative solutions for semiconductor design verification. Founded in 2021 by Lavanya Jagadeeswaran and Byanna Reddy Venugopal Kalpana, Vyoma Systems aims to adopt, adapt, and accelerate the semiconductor industry with its innovative verification methodologies. In this blog post, we will explore the startup story, the services it offers, and its vision for the future.

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Startup Story: How & Why

Vyoma Systems was born out of a passion for semiconductor design and verification. The founders were inspired by their academic background and experience in the field.
Lavanya Jagadeeswaran is the CEO and founder of Vyoma systems. She is also a senior project officer at IIT Madras and has 12+ years of experience in various aspects of processor and system verification in companies like IBM, ARM and Rambus. She describes herself as an open verification enthusiast.
The founders decided to start Vyoma Systems as a platform for service startups that are working on RISC-V technology. The company received incubation support from IITM Pravartak Technologies Foundation (IITM-PTF), which is a non-profit organization that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in engineering education. IITM-PTF provided mentorship, funding, infrastructure, and networking opportunities to Vyoma Systems.

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Service offering

RISC-V Processor Verification

Verification IPs supporting RV[32|64]IMAFDCSUN
RISC-V is an open ISA standard targeting next generation semiconductor market. Vyoma provides ready-to-deploy test generators, checkers and ISA coverage collectors for delivering high quality RISC-V products.
The RISC-V and its design implementation are huge success stories for community collaboration. Vyoma strives to enable this collaboration amongst industry and academia for processor verification through this Python based verification approach.

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Python Based Verification

They leverage the rich open CoCoTb based Python ecosystem for rapid verification environment development. Vyoma offers Python-based verification support facilitating improved productivity.

What is CoCoTb?

CoCoTb is an open-source framework hosted on GitHub, to create and run testbenches for verifying VHDL and System Verilog RTL designs using Python. It is a testbench environment that allows users to write testbenches and verification code in Python, which has many advantages over using System Verilog or VHDL for verification.

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3.VaaS: The Vyoma UpTickPro

UpTickPro is a Verification-as-a-Service platform for RISC-V processor and systems verification. It provides users with a cloud-based infrastructure that is highly scalable and reusable. Users can access various verification tools such as coverage analysis, formal methods, simulation-based testing, etc., through a web interface or an API. Users can also integrate their own custom tools or libraries into UpTickPro

The Vyoma Way of verification

Capture The Bug hackathon by MeitY

The RISC-V Capture the Bug, 2023 was an online and cloud-based hackathon technically facilitated by Vyoma Systems. It had a series of verification challenges that aimed to test the participants’ skills in detecting hidden bugs in RTL design code using Vyoma’s UpTickPro tool. The hackathon was organized by NIELIT, Calicut, mentored by IIT Madras, in association with VLSI System Design and Vyoma Systems. The hackathon consisted of three levels, each with a different design challenge and a bug report. The participants had to use Python to write test cases and debug code statements to find and fix the bugs in their designs.


Vyoma Systems is a promising startup that has the potential to revolutionize the semiconductor industry with its innovative solutions for design verification. With their expertise in design verification, they provide lighter, more scalable verification environments catering to increasing domain-specific complexities of digital design verification. As they set their foot in the Indian semiconductor industry, they open news ways to IP verification. TechoVedas will bring you more such innovative startups in the coming articles. Stay tuned!

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