Radiant Semiconductors

Indian semiconductor startup series: Radiant Semiconductors

Explore Radiant Semiconductors in our Indian startup series, delving into groundbreaking tech, entrepreneurship, and their transformative journey in semiconductors.
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The Indian semiconductor industry at a point of inflection, a stage where it will grow exponentially. The coming years will see more focus of industries towards manufacturing semiconductor chips to meet the growing demand in this digital age. Along with Indian stalwarts like Vedanta and TATA there are numerous Indian startups aiding the Indian Semiconductor mission. One of them is Radiant Semiconductors.

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Startup story

Radiant Semiconductors Private Limited (RSPL) is a registered startup that began its journey on 13 April 2018. It was founded by Swamy Manda and Mastan Basha. Their clients include the likes of AMD, Qualcomm, NXP and Analog devices.

Prior to founding Radiant Semiconductors, Swamy worked as a Senior ASIC Verification Engineer at HCL Technologies, where he gained expertise in the verification of ASICs. Before that, he served as an ASIC Verification Engineer at Kacper Technologies. He is BTech in ECE from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University.
He is supported by Mastan Basha who leads the sales and business division of Radiant semi. Prior to this he has 5+ years of experience in the semiconductor domain.

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Services provided by Radiant

With over 5 years of experience, a diverse portfolio of over 30 clients, and successful completion of 50+ projects, Radiant Semiconductors is a trusted partner for businesses looking for semiconductor, embedded, and software solutions. The company provides a wide range of services in the Semiconductor, Embedded, and Software domains.

1.Semiconductor solutions

Radiant semi enables adaptation of complex semiconductor and telecommunication technologies within a multi-functional microprocessor, their solutions combine fault diagnosis, testing, simulation, power estimation and synthesis with smart VLSI technology.

a.ASIC verification – Their verification engineer services purvey dynamic scope to integrate a wide array of in-house or 3rd party single device IP integration including digital/analog cells, embedded processors, memories within sustainable timelines.

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Specializations in verification:

ARM SoC Verification
System/SoC/IP/Cluster/Subsystem/Block level Verification
VIP Development & Verification
Legacy to UVM conversion
Analog Mixed Signal Verification
Hardware & Software Co-verification
Post-Silicon Bring up and Validation

b.Physical design – The active IC, SoC, ASIC or FPGA project support services to semiconductor and systems companies is a strong suit of Radiant Semiconductors. They cover all aspects of PD including Gate level netlist, Synthesis & pre-layout STA, CTS, Floorplan, Placement, DFM (Design for manufacturing) & PV, Post -layout STA, as well as Fabrication.

c.DFT – Radiant Semiconductors offers DFT services with industry standard DFT Tools. They optimized the tools and processes synergizing test development, test application and diagnostics.
Aspects of DFT covered by them include: Scan Insertion, Scan Compression, Scan Insertion, ATPG, MBIST, JTAG, B-Scan, Physical Aware Synth, Timing Closure, SI Analysis, Formal Verification, Low-power Checks.

d.Analog circuit design – Their electrical design services including digital, mixed signal, wireless, analog circuit and RF designs. Their Analog design supports a comprehensive approach in the design of op-amps, ADCs, DACs, linear regulators, phased locks loops, oscillators and active filters aligning power dissipation, speed and resistance in circuits.

e.Analog layout – Radiant Semiconductors offer a full custom analog IC layout service at block and chip levels. They have impending experience in developing a range of ASICs enabling solutions that aids a library of Silicon guaranteed IPs including sensor interfaces, ADCs, DACs, PRCs, PLLs, amplifiers.

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Their expertise includes:

DRC & LVS verification and delivery
Band gap reference
Analog and Digital layout design
ESD and bond pad layout design
Testing and Yield Analysis

2.Embedded solutions

Their embedded services range from Firmware Development, Device Drivers, Automotive Applications, Application Porting, Linux System Programming, Linux Device Drivers and System Integration. They collaborate with clients to identify their specific requirements and create solutions that are tailored to their objectives

Areas they serve:

a. Automotive – They specialize in creating automotive software for things like car diagnostics, car infotainment, car telematics, ADAS, and more.

b. Industrial automation – From PLC programming, HMI development, industrial networking and control systems, they provide robust and scalable solutions to improve automation processes.

c. Consumer Electronics – They create firmware and software for everything from smart TVs to home appliances

d. Internet of Things – Their IoT expertise includes edge computing, IoT sensor integration, IoT data analytics, IoT cloud connectivity, remote device management, and more.

e. Robotics – From industrial robots to service robots and cobots (collaborative robots), They provide software solutions for movement control, sensing, route planning, and interaction between human and robot.

f. Energy and Utilities – They create software for smart grids and energy management systems, as well as for renewable energy and utility monitoring.

3.Software solutions

Apart from the semiconductor and embedded solutions this startup is also making its mark in the IT industry by providing software solutions as mentioned below:

a.Desktop software
b.Web app
c.Mobile app
d.Full stack development
e.UI/UX design
f.Product release & maintenance
In addition to these software services, Radiant Semiconductors also offers application engineering, product services, next-generation teams, change management and process, and CRM & CMS development services.

Notable projects delivered by Radiant Semi

I. Irrigation system – an IOT based application designed for mitigating risks in irrigation system. Helps end users to effectively monitor their crops

Automate field regular operations
Programmable based on the crop, soil and whether conditions
Remotely can be viewed the vitals and current status
Manual override is allowed
Fault monitoring

ii.PAPIS – An application targeted for exchanging data between running devices with multiple zones. Enriched with Realtime alerts and emergency notifications.

Salient features:
Role based Logins
Web & Desktop versions
MQTT/AWS IOT Communication
Data sync connectors
Bitmap encodes & decoders
Multi language Support
Live data processing from multiple devices
Live Tracking
Reports, Log processing, Schedulers
LED & LCD support
Custom firmware
Real time alerts


As the Indian semiconductor industry witnesses unprecedented growth, Radiant Semiconductors stands poised to play a pivotal role, contributing significantly to the country’s stride towards self-reliance in chip manufacturing. The sheer variety of services in semiconductor/embedded/software domains provided by it are a testament to their vision of becoming a global leader in the Tech industry. It a solid start and they have a way to go!

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