India’s Compute Infrastructure less than 2 Percent of Global Capacity: NVIDIA

This is in stark contrast to the dominance of nations like the United States and China, which collectively command around 58-59% of the global share.


India’s technological landscape is rapidly evolving, but recent remarks from NVIDIA’s Managing Director for Asia South shed light on a significant disparity. Despite strides in innovation, India’s compute infrastructure is less than 2 pc of global capacity.

This revelation underscores the challenges India faces in harnessing advanced computational power for technological growth.

A senior official from NVIDIA, a prominent GPU chip maker, shed light on this issue during the recent StartUp Mahakumbh event, highlighting the imperative need for India to bolster its computing capabilities to realize its full research potential.

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Current Scenario:

India’s compute infrastructure less than 2 pc of global capacity, a stark contrast to the dominance of nations like the United States and China, which collectively command around 58-59% of the global share.

This deficiency directly correlates with India’s limited contribution to research endeavors, hovering around 2%.

“India today is approximately sub-2 per cent as compared to US and China combined is closer to 58-59 per cent. If you go back and figure out why the research in India is as low as,what it is, we are talking about India’s contribution, of 2 per cent. There is a direct correlation to that. Indians who basically contribute to the research bit are not based in India are contributing 12 pc because infrastructure is available there,”


Notably, Indians abroad contribute significantly more, accounting for approximately 12% of research output, primarily due to the availability of robust computing infrastructure in foreign countries.

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Challenges and Opportunities:

The burgeoning demand for GPU-based servers, driven by their ability to process data at accelerated speeds compared to CPU-based servers, underscores the criticality of addressing India’s computing infrastructure deficit.

However, the global shortage of GPUs exacerbates the situation, with NVIDIA, the dominant player in the market, facing challenges in meeting demand.

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Government Initiatives:

Recognizing the pivotal role of artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) in fostering innovation and economic growth, the Indian government has approved the India AI Mission.

With an ambitious outlay of Rs 10,372 crore over five years, this mission aims to catalyze AI development within the country.

A key component of the initiative involves enhancing supercomputing capacity by deploying over 10,000 GPUs, thereby nurturing an AI ecosystem conducive to research and innovation.

Collaborative Efforts:

In collaboration with leading Indian companies such as Reliance, Tata, Yotta, and Netweb, NVIDIA is spearheading efforts to build and install GPU-based servers in India.

The Hiranandani group-owned data center company, Yotta Data Services, plans to deploy over 20,400 NVIDIA GPU-based supercomputers by June 2024,

marking a significant stride towards augmenting India’s computing infrastructure.

Future Prospects:

The rapid development of accelerated computing infrastructure holds immense promise for catalyzing research activities across various domains.

By providing researchers with the requisite tools and resources, India can unlock new avenues of innovation, thereby driving economic growth and bolstering its global standing in the technological arena.

As Vishal Dhupar, NVIDIA Asia South MD, aptly asserts, expeditious development of accelerated computing infrastructure has the potential to add USD 1 trillion to the Indian economy, underscoring the transformative impact of robust computing capabilities on national progress.

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India stands at a crucial juncture in its quest for technological advancement and research excellence. India’s compute infra less than 2 pc of global capacity

Addressing the deficiencies in computing infrastructure is imperative to harness the full potential of its talented workforce and drive innovation-led growth.

With concerted efforts from the government, industry players, and academia, India can emerge as a powerhouse of innovation, contributing significantly to global research endeavors and shaping the future of technology on a global scale.

The strides taken in enhancing computing infrastructure represent a pivotal step towards realizing this vision, heralding a new era of technological prowess and economic prosperity for the nation.

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