Intel Seeks a Partner to Provide $2 Billion in Funds for Fab in Ireland

The partnership saw Brookfield committing up to $15 billion for a 49% stake in Intel's manufacturing expansion at the Ocotillo campus in Chandler, Arizona.


In a strategic move to bolster its semiconductor production capabilities, Intel is in the process of securing a substantial $2 billion in equity funding for its semiconductor fabrication facility (fab) located near Leixlip, Ireland.

This development signals Intel’s commitment to expanding its European operations. This is also keeping pace with the growing demand for advanced semiconductor technologies.

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Background of Intel Ireland:

Intel’s Fab 34 in Ireland currently stands as the only high-volume semiconductor production facility in Europe utilizing extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. However, this cutting-edge technology is employed in the production of chips on Intel 4 process technology, previously known as Intel’s 7nm node.

However,the facility is instrumental in manufacturing compute tiles for Intel’s Core Ultra ‘Meteor Lake’ CPUs for client PCs and is poised to play a crucial role in producing next-generation Xeon CPUs.

The $2 Billion Equity Funding for Intel Ireland:

$2 billion may not seem like much for a new fab, but it’s significant for Intel. They plan to use the funds to improve the Leixlip site, boosting output or adopting newer process technologies like Intel 3, Intel 20A, and Intel 18A.

Possible Reasons for Seeking a Partner:

  • Reduce financial burden: Building and upgrading fabs is expensive, and sharing the cost mitigates risk for Intel.
  • Access expertise: A partner could bring additional technical or financial expertise to the project.
  • Spread geographical footprint: Having partners in different regions can provide diversification and resilience.

Strategic Implications for Intel Ireland:

The move aligns with Intel’s broader strategy to address the pressing need for additional production capacity.

The company aims to meet demand for its products. It also intends to cater to growing customer needs through its Intel Foundry Services (IFS) contract chipmaking unit.

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Brookfield Infrastructure Partnership:

This fundraising effort draws parallels with Intel’s collaboration with Brookfield Infrastructure Partners in 2022.

The partnership saw Brookfield committing up to $15 billion for a 49% stake in Intel’s manufacturing expansion at the Ocotillo campus in Chandler, Arizona. However, Both companies agreed to jointly invest $30 billion in the expansion, with Intel covering 51% and Brookfield contributing 49% of the overall project cost.

Initially, Intel earmarked $20 billion for Fab 52 and Fab 62, but this amount increased to $30 billion due to the collaboration.

This strategic alliance with Brookfield not only provided Intel with an additional $15 billion in free cash flow but also facilitated increased spending on new fabs without incurring additional debt.

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Implications for Intel’s Irish Facility:

The current fundraising efforts for the Irish facility mirror the successful model established with Brookfield Infrastructure Partners.

By securing equity funding, Intel can allocate significant resources to enhance its semiconductor manufacturing capabilities in Ireland.

This not only strengthens Intel’s global footprint but also positions the company to remain at the forefront of semiconductor innovation.

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Intel’s pursuit of equity funding for its Irish facility underscores the company’s commitment to expanding its semiconductor manufacturing capabilities strategically.

As semiconductor demand continues to surge, these moves position Intel to meet market needs efficiently. Moreover,the success of its previous collaboration with Brookfield Infrastructure Partners serves as a precedent, showcasing Intel’s ability to secure strategic investments for its manufacturing endeavors.

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