NITI Aayog Internship: Shape the Future of India

The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world. Applicants must be highly motivated and have a strong interest in public policy. The application process is competitive, but the rewards are great. Interns will gain valuable skills and experience, and make connections that will last a lifetime.


The National Institution for Transforming India, or NITI Aayog, is extending a warm invitation to undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as research scholars, to participate in its Internship Programme for the year 2023. This opportunity is open to students and scholars enrolled in recognized universities and institutions both within India and abroad.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of this exciting program, its objectives, eligibility criteria, duration, and application deadlines.


The primary objective of the NITI Aayog Internship Programme is to foster a mutually beneficial association between young academic talent and the institution itself. Interns selected for this program will gain invaluable insights into the workings of the Indian government and the development policy landscape. Furthermore, they will play an active role in contributing to policy formulation by generating inputs such as empirical analyses, briefing reports, and policy papers.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this prestigious internship opportunity, candidates must meet the following conditions:

Undergraduate Students: Undergraduate students who have either completed or appeared for the term-end exams of their second year (4th semester) of a bachelor’s degree program are eligible. They must have secured a minimum of 85% or equivalent marks in their 12th-grade examinations.

Graduate Students: Graduate students who have completed or appeared for the term-end exams of their first year (2nd semester) of a postgraduate program, or those engaged in research/PhD pursuits, are eligible. They must have secured a minimum of 70% or equivalent marks in their undergraduate degree.

Recent Graduates: Students who have either completed their final exams or recently graduated from undergraduate or postgraduate programs and are awaiting admission to higher studies are also eligible. They must have achieved a cumulative mark of 70% or more across all years/semesters of their previous academic programs until the date of application.

Additionally, it’s important to note that the gap between the declaration of final exam results and the desired start date of the internship should not exceed six months. For instance, if results are announced in June, candidates can apply for internships commencing up to December.

Detailed Guidelines

Internship Duration

The NITI Aayog Internship Program’s duration spans a minimum of six weeks but should not extend beyond six months. It is crucial for interns to fulfill this mandatory period to be eligible for receiving a certificate upon completion. This duration ensures that interns have ample time to immerse themselves in the workings of NITI Aayog and make meaningful contributions to policy development.

Application Deadline

The application window for the NITI Aayog Internship Programme opens from the 1st to the 10th day of each month. Prospective interns are encouraged to apply within this timeframe to be considered for the program. Any technical issues regarding the online application process can be directed to NIC at nic-niti[at]gov[dot]in.

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The NITI Aayog Internship Programme 2023 offers a unique opportunity for young academic talent to engage with the Indian government’s policymaking process and contribute to the nation’s development. With a strong focus on academic excellence and research, this program is a stepping stone for students and scholars who aspire to make a positive impact on India’s policy landscape. If you meet the eligibility criteria and are passionate about shaping India’s future, don’t miss the chance to apply and be a part of this transformative experience. Your insights and contributions could be instrumental in driving India’s progress. Apply now and be a catalyst for change!

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