Karnataka approves 7659 Cr investment, including Tata ATMP plant to create 18k jobs

Karnataka's State Level Single Window Clearance Committee (SLSWCC) has approved 91 industrial investment proposals worth Rs 7,659.52 crore, with the potential to create 18,146 jobs within the state. The proposals were approved in a meeting held on September 16, 2023.


The technology landscape is constantly evolving, with an increasing dependence on semiconductors that power a wide array of electronic devices. Recognizing this growing need, the Tata Group has set its sights on investing in a semiconductor testing and packing unit (ATMP) at Narasapura in Kolar district, Karnataka.

This move follows the acquisition of Wistron’s iPhone manufacturing unit in Kolar thereby further cementing the group’s commitment to the semiconductor industry.

This blog post delves into the details of this investment and its implications for Karnataka’s industrial development.

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The Semiconductor Industry and Tata ATMP

The semiconductor industry is a cornerstone of modern technology, underpinning innovations across various sectors. At the heart of this industry are semiconductor manufacturing facilities, or wafer fabs, where wafers are produced.

However, the journey of a semiconductor doesn’t end here; it is just the beginning.

Moreover, Assembly, Testing, Marking, and Packaging (ATMP) facilities play a critical role in the semiconductor industry’s ecosystem. These facilities process wafers into individual chips, package them, and conduct testing to prepare them for integration into electronic devices.

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Tata Strategic ATMP Investment in Kolar:

Tata Semiconductor Assembly and Test Private Limited is set to invest Rs 200 crore in Kolar, Karnataka, for the establishment of an ATMP unit.

This move is significant as it aligns with the global trend of bolstering semiconductor production capabilities to meet the rising demand for electronic devices.

TATA’s ATMP investment not only holds promise for technological advancements but also, importantly, for job creation in the region. Additionally, it is expected to generate approximately 155 job opportunities.

Impact on Karnataka’s Industrial Landscape by Tata ATMP:

Moreover, the investment by Tata Group is a testament to Karnataka’s growing significance in the semiconductor sector. The state has been proactive in attracting investments, as evidenced by the State Level Single Window Clearance Committee’s approval of 91 industrial investment proposals amounting to Rs 7,659.52 crore.

These initiatives are anticipated to create a whopping 18,146 job opportunities within Karnataka, further contributing to the state’s economic growth

Key Investment Proposals in Karnataka:

In addition, other industry giants like Maruti Suzuki and Lam Research, among various others, have also received approval for substantial investments in Karnataka.

Additionally, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd plans a Rs 137.6 crore investment in Nelamangala, Bengaluru rural district, aiming to create 1,908 job opportunities. These investments demonstrate the state’s diversified industrial growth, encompassing manufacturing and renewable energy sectors.

Lam Research India Pvt Ltd secured approval for a Rs 235.91 crore investment, aiming to employ 1,724 individuals.

Notably, 57 out of the 91 approved projects fall in the 15- 50 crore range, totaling Rs 1,144.94 crore in investment and potentially generating 4,404 jobs in Karnataka.

Furthermore, the committee greenlit eight projects with additional investments totaling Rs 763.85 crore.

The key investment proposals approved in the meeting encompass:

  1. Pratibha Patil Sugar Industries Pvt in Vijayapura district, planning an investment of Rs 489.50 crore, aiming to employ 275 individuals.
  2. Gurudev Biorefineries & Allied Industries Private Limited in Vijayapura district, proposing an investment of Rs 488.49 crore, and projecting the creation of 255 jobs.
  3. Devashree Ispat Private Limited in Koppal district, slated to invest Rs 470 crore, paving the way for employment opportunities for 800 people.
  4. Aequs Consumer Products Private Limited Unit 3 in Dharwad, intending to invest Rs 456 crore to employ 1,187 people.
  5. Integrated Solar Power Private Limited in Kolar, with plans to invest Rs 441.8 crore and hire 720 employees.
  6. South West Mining Limited in Bellari district, aiming to invest Rs 411 crore and create 65 jobs.
  7. Shashi Alloys Private Limited in Chitradurga district, eyeing an investment of Rs 380 crore to generate employment for 400 individuals.
  8. SFS Group India Private Limited in Belagavi district, with a proposed investment of Rs 250 crore and the intention to employ 844 people.
  9. Mysore Petro Chemicals Limited at Raichur district, planning an investment of Rs 240 crore and aiming to provide job opportunities for 157 individuals, as mentioned in the release.


Furthermore, Tata Group’s investment in a semiconductor unit in Karnataka significantly bolsters India’s semiconductor capabilities. Moreover, Karnataka’s proactive investment strategy not only fosters innovation but also promotes sustainable industrial growth.

Furthermore, this state’s allure for diverse investments firmly positions it as a hub for cutting-edge technologies, ultimately driving economic development and creating numerous job opportunities.

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