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Discover the world of Very Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) design through the VLSI Fundamentals: A Practical Approach Education Kit by Arm University Program.
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Learn VLSI with the ARM University Programme, a leading technology company providing a comprehensive and practical education kit to universities globally. The primary focus of this educational package is on VLSI fundamentals, effectively equipping academic staff with a versatile resource for teaching core electronic engineering and computer science subjects.

In the subsequent sections of this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of the VLSI Fundamentals: A Practical Approach Education Kit, providing detailed insights into its empowering impact on both educators and students within the realm of VLSI design.

Learn VLSI with the ARM University Programme: Education Kit Overview

The VLSI Fundamentals: A Practical Approach Education Kit is a comprehensive package comprising 20 modules, lecture slides, and lab exercises. These modules are tailored for a 10-12-week undergraduate course, covering essential VLSI concepts and their practical application. Educators have the flexibility to choose specific modules that align with their teaching objectives.

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Prerequisites and Course Aim:

In order to establish a solid foundational understanding, students are required to possess prior knowledge of digital electronics and a grasp of hardware description language, particularly Verilog. Also this course aims to equip students with introductory knowledge of VLSI concepts and their application in simulation, verification, and the physical implementation of a simplified microprocessor using industry-standard tools.

Learn VLSI with the ARM University Programme : Tools Utilized

The course leverages several industry-standard tools crucial for VLSI design and implementation, including:

  1. Cadence Virtuoso for schematic capture and layout editing.
  2. Cadence NCSim (Incisive) for simulation.
  3. Synopsys Design Compiler for Synthesis.
  4. Cadence SoC Encounter or Cadence Innovus for Place and Route (PnR).

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Syllabus Highlights:

The syllabus is meticulously structured to cover a wide range of VLSI topics, including:

  • Introduction to VLSI
  • Circuits and Layout
  • CMOS Transistor Theory
  • Logic Design Techniques
  • Power Management
  • Clocking Strategies
  • SRAM and Memory Design
  • and more.

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The VLSI Fundamentals: A Practical Approach Education Kit by Arm University Program is a valuable resource that empowers educators to equip students with essential VLSI knowledge and practical skills. The inclusive approach and utilization of industry-standard tools ensure that students are well-prepared to navigate the world of VLSI design and contribute to the advancement of electronic engineering and computer science.

Furthermore, for any additional inquiries regarding this course, feel free to reach out to Arm at education@arm.com.

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