L&T Invests ₹830 Crore to Build a Fabless Chip Design Company

L&T has recently given the green light for a wholly-owned subsidiary dedicated to fabless semiconductor chip design and product ownership, backed by a substantial investment of Rs 830 crore.

In a groundbreaking move, Larsen and Toubro (L&T), a renowned Indian conglomerate, is making its mark in the fabless semiconductor chip design sector. This strategic leap holds immense promise and has the potential to reshape the technology landscape. Let’s delve into the details of L&T’s ambitious venture.

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Unveiling L&T’s Fabless Semiconductor Chip Design Subsidiary

L&T has recently given the green light for a wholly-owned subsidiary dedicated to fabless semiconductor chip design and product ownership, backed by a substantial investment of Rs 830 crore. This bold decision underscores the company’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology with a lower capital-intensive approach.

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“We actually wanted to participate in the opportunity that is opening up in semiconductors. While multinationals are using the Indian talent base, we thought given our brand and our engineering capability, we should be able to do that,” Shankar Raman said, adding that the global market is the play area, so the company might have to have some marketing firepower in the US, Europe, and Japan, mostly focused on automobile and industrial chip designing. “That’s the closest to our engineering capability…so at the moment it will be less investment less no manufacturing, but getting our positioning assessed for the design.”

R&D Center on the Horizon

R. Shankar Raman, L&T’s Chief Financial Officer, envisions a future with a strong focus on research and development for fabless semiconductor chip design. The establishment of an R&D center, possibly in the United States, is on the cards, promising innovative advancements in this niche sector.

What is a chipless design firm?

A chipless design firm refers to a company or organization that specializes in creating electronic components, devices, or systems that do not rely on traditional silicon-based integrated circuits or “chips.” Instead of using traditional microchips, chipless designs employ alternative technologies and methods to achieve the desired functionality. These chipless systems can be found in various applications, such as radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags, sensors, and even certain types of memory storage. Chipless design offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and durability.

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L&T’s Strong Brand and Engineering Expertise

L&T’s reputation for a robust brand presence and exceptional engineering capabilities positions them favorably in their new semiconductor endeavors. This strategic shift recognizes the importance of semiconductor design, where patents and intrinsic value often take center stage.

IT&TS Expertise as a Foundation

With a strong footing in the IT & Technology Services (IT&TS) segment, L&T leverages its domain expertise to embark on this journey into semiconductor chip design. They intend to harness the increasing demand for Indian talent in the thriving semiconductor industry.

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A Global Vision

L&T’s strategic geographical focus is firmly set on the global market, with specific emphasis on the United States, Europe, and Japan. This approach aligns with their goal of capitalizing on the burgeoning semiconductor industry.

Thrusting into Automotive and Industrial Sectors

L&T’s primary focus in the semiconductor chip design sector centers around automotive and industrial chip design. This strategic alignment is well-matched with their existing engineering capabilities. Notably, L&T does not currently plan to invest in chip manufacturing but is assessing its position in the competitive landscape of chip design.

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L&T’s Financial Triumph

In addition to their remarkable venture into the semiconductor sector, L&T reported exceptional financial results during the second quarter of the fiscal year 2023-24. Their net profit surged by a notable 45 percent, driven by robust order growth within the infrastructure segment.

Revenue Soars to New Heights

L&T’s revenue from operations experienced a substantial 19 percent increase, reaching Rs 51,024 crore during the quarter. Effective execution of their extensive order book and advancements in projects and manufacturing have attributed to this remarkable growth.

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Record-Breaking Order Book

A highlight of this quarter was L&T’s order book, which saw a phenomenal 72 percent YOY increase, reaching Rs 89,153 crore at the group level. This milestone marks the highest-ever order inflow in the history of the company, highlighting their prowess and trustworthiness.

L&T’s Vision for the Future

L&T’s strategic entry into the fabless semiconductor chip design sector demonstrates their commitment to pioneering high technology. The world watches with anticipation as this conglomerate continues to evolve and shape the future of technology.

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