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Luxury : Real or Not? AI can Detect Your Chanel bag is Original or Fake

The algorithm examines subtle details such as stitching patterns, texture variations, logo placement, and color nuances that might be imperceptible to the human eye.
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The market for counterfeit luxury goods is worth billions of dollars, and it can be hard to detect between a real and a fake product. But what if there was a way to verify the authenticity of your purchase using artificial intelligence?

That is exactly what Entrupy, a tech company, claims it can do. Entrupy has developed an AI-powered device that can detect whether a luxury item is fake with near perfect accuracy. The device can authenticate handbags from brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel, as well as sneakers from Nike and Adidas. Entrupy’s AI technology has been used by hundreds of vintage resellers as of December 2020, and the demand for it may continue to grow as businesses seek to cash in on the AI hype.

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How Entrupy detects Luxury Goods

Entrupy’s device attaches seamlessly to a smartphone, prompting users to capture photos of the product from every conceivable angle after inserting their smartphone into the device. The device has a microscopic lens that can magnify the phone camera to take granular photos of features like a product’s designer plaque and material.

These photos are then analyzed by Entrupy’s AI algorithm, which compares them to a database of millions of images of authentic and fake products. The algorithm can detect subtle differences in stitching, texture, logo, and color that are invisible to the human eye. Within seconds, the device can give a verdict on whether the product is real or not, with a 99.1% accuracy rate.

Imagine you are a seller on an online marketplace, and you come across a high-end designer handbag that you want to sell. To ensure its authenticity and build trust with potential buyers, you decide to use Entrupy’s authentication device.

You attach Entrupy’s device to your smartphone and insert the phone into the device. Following the prompts, you capture detailed photos of the designer handbag from various angles, focusing on features like the logo, stitching, material, and any unique designer plaques.

Once the photos are taken, Entrupy’s AI algorithm comes into play. It analyzes the images, comparing them to its extensive database that includes millions of images of both authentic and fake designer products. The algorithm examines subtle details such as stitching patterns, texture variations, logo placement, and color nuances that might be imperceptible to the human eye.

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Entrupy detect Luxury Goods: Benefits

Using Entrupy’s AI could be a way for luxury resellers to build trust with their customers who may be wary of buying products that aren’t real.

The purpose of this authentication process is to add trust and make it verifiable as a third party, according to Entrupy’s co-founder and CEO Vidyuth Srinivasan. He also said that the AI can help resellers increase their sales and margins, as well as protect their reputation.

Customers who buy authenticated products can also receive a certificate of authenticity from Entrupy, which can boost their confidence and satisfaction.

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The limitations of AI authentication

Entrupy’s AI is not without its limitations. The device can only authenticate accessories from major brands because those are the ones most prone to being fraudulent. The device cannot verify clothing, jewelry, or watches, which are also popular targets for counterfeiters.
Moreover, the device is not cheap. It costs $299 to buy, and users have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $99 to access the AI service. Additionally, some critics have argued that Entrupy’s AI may not be able to keep up with the evolving techniques of counterfeiters, who may find ways to fool the algorithm.

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AI is changing the way we perceive and interact with the world, and it can also help us detect fakeness and fraud. Entrupy’s AI device is one example of how AI can authenticate luxury items with near perfect accuracy, and provide benefits for both resellers and customers. However, AI authentication also has its limitations and challenges, and it may not be able to catch every fake product out there. As AI becomes more advanced and accessible, we may see more applications and innovations that can help us verify the authenticity of various products and information. As Albert Einstein once said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

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