Make Your Own IC in India’s Only 180 nm Fab at SCL

This unique opportunity will give you the chance to learn from experienced chip designers and to gain hands-on experience in the semiconductor industry. Apply today and start your journey to becoming the next chip manufacturer!
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Are you a budding engineer looking for an opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of IC, microelectronics, electronics, or semiconductor physics? If so, the Semiconductor Laboratory (SCL) has a golden opportunity for you.

SCL is offering internship and project work opportunities to students pursuing B.E/B.Tech and M.E/M.Tech courses.

This initiative allows students to fulfill their course study requirements under the guidance of highly experienced and trained scientists and engineers.

In this blog post, we’ll provide you with detailed guidelines on how to seize this incredible opportunity.

Eligibility & Number of Seats:

SCL welcomes students from recognized government institutes who meet the following criteria:

M.E/M.Tech Students: Those pursuing M.E/M.Tech or equivalent courses, with a preference for Microelectronics, Electronics, or Semiconductor Physics, are eligible for project work.

B.E/B.Tech Students: Students pursuing B.E/B.Tech or equivalent courses from government-recognized institutes are eligible for internship or project work.

Mentor availability and project relevance to SCL will periodically determine the number of available seats.

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Programme Fee:

One of the remarkable aspects of the SCL internship and project program is that it is entirely fee-free. SCL is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of young talents without any financial burden.

Procedure for Applying:

To embark on your journey with SCL, you need to follow these application procedures:

Institute Certification: Begin by securing a letter signed by the Head of your Institute.

This letter should certify essential details such as your enrollment number, year of admission, course of study, year/semester, and provide photocopies of your marksheets from senior secondary class onwards.

For internships starting in June/July, submit your application by March 31st, and for those starting in January, submit by October 31st.

For M.E/M.Tech Project Work: Alongside the institute’s certification, submit your student resume highlighting your previous projects and areas of academic interest, with a specific recommendation for you to undertake internship/project work at SCL.

Selection Process: A selection committee will review all applications and shortlist candidates for interviews. If you’re selected, you’ll receive the necessary application forms for submission.

Application Processing Fee: Once selected, you’ll be required to deposit a nominal fee of Rs. 100 at SCL towards application processing and the cost of an ID card.

Confirmation: Upon receiving the completed forms, signed by your mentor and the Head of the Division, along with the ID card cost, SCL will issue a confirmation to you.

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Project Work/Internship Procedure:

Once you’re officially a part of SCL, we will assign a mentor to you. Your mentor will allocate projects and assignments.


It’s essential to note that SCL considers students from government/AICTE/university-recognized institutes only. SCL reserves the right to accept or reject applications and may discontinue project work or internships without assigning specific reasons.

In conclusion, SCL’s internship and project work program is a golden opportunity for engineering students to gain hands-on experience in the field of microelectronics, electronics, and semiconductor physics.

It provides a nurturing environment under the guidance of experienced professionals, all without any program fees.

If you’re passionate about exploring cutting-edge technology and contributing to groundbreaking projects, seize this chance to collaborate with SCL and unlock your full potential as an engineer.

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