Microsoft to Invest $1 Billion in New Data Center in Northwest Indiana

Microsoft announces a $1 billion investment to build a new data center in Northwest Indiana, creating up to 200 jobs and advancing cloud computing and AI technologies.


The cloud computing landscape is witnessing a surge in investment, with tech giants vying for a foothold in strategic locations. Indiana, in particular, is emerging as a major player, attracting big names with its attractive business climate and focus on future-oriented infrastructure. Microsoft has joined the bandwagon, announcing a hefty $1 billion investment in a brand-new data center to be built in La Porte, Indiana.

This data center is part of a larger trend of tech giants setting up shop in Indiana. The state’s central location, business-friendly environment, and skilled workforce are likely attractive factors.

Here’s a closer look at the project:

  • Location: Radius Industrial Park in La Porte, with additional land acquired for possible expansion.
  • Size: The initial building will be around 245,000 square feet.
  • Jobs: Up to 200 jobs in areas like IT, engineering, security, and facility management are expected by 2032.
  • Impact: The data center will support Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing infrastructure, which is vital for technological and AI advancements worldwide.
  • Incentives: The state offered Microsoft tax credits to incentivize the investment.

This move promises not only to create new jobs but also to solidify Indiana’s position as a hub for cutting-edge cloud technology.

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Background of Microsoft Indiana Investment: Growing Tech Hub

Indiana has steadily positioned itself as a key player in the technology sector. Over the past decade, the state has focused on creating a pro-growth business environment and fostering a future-focused framework to attract major investments in high-tech industries.

This latest announcement from Microsoft is a testament to Indiana’s success in building a robust technology infrastructure. With strategic investments totaling $14.8 billion in 2024 alone, Indiana is rapidly transforming into a central hub for cloud computing and AI innovation.

Building the Future of Technology in Indiana

The La Porte data center will join Microsoft’s extensive network. This network includes over 60 Azure regions, more than 300 data centers, 280,000 kilometers of network, and 190 edge sites globally.

Governor Holcomb expressed his enthusiasm for the project.

“Indiana will be a central hub in the global economy of the future.” This announcement ensures Hoosier communities and talent will advance cloud and AI technology. We are excited to welcome Microsoft’s new data center to Indiana, We look forward to the value this will bring to our state’s data-driven ecosystem and job market.”

Governor Holcomb

Why It Matters: Economic and Technological Impact

The company plans to hire various positions, including critical environment engineers, IT technicians and managers, inventory and asset managers, security personnel, and site managers.

The construction and operational phases will provide a substantial boost to local employment and economic development.

The timeline for the project depends on the design, planning, and permitting processes, which will commence in cooperation with the City of La Porte later this year.

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Sustainability and Environmental Commitment

The company has outlined four main sustainability goals. These goals include becoming carbon negative and removing historical carbon emissions by 2050.

They also aim to achieve water positivity by replenishing more water than they use. Additionally, Microsoft plans to attain zero waste across its direct operations. Lastly, they intend to protect more land than they use by 2025.

Bowen Wallace, Microsoft CVP Datacenters, Americas Region, expressed gratitude for the collaboration.,

“We appreciate the collaboration with the State, City, and the La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership. This opportunity was made possible by their efforts. We look forward to an enduring and beneficial relationship with Indiana and the City of La Porte. Our goal is to build and scale our data center infrastructure to support our customers and partners.”

Bowen Wallace, Microsoft CVP Datacenters, Americas Region,

Importance: Strengthening the Semiconductor Ecosystem

The investment is not only a boost for local employment but also a strategic move to strengthen the semiconductor ecosystem in the United States.

As demand for cloud computing and AI technologies grows, so does the need for robust and reliable data infrastructure. By establishing this new data center, Microsoft is ensuring that it can meet the increasing demands of its global customer base.

NIPSCO, the local energy provider, has committed to supporting the energy needs of the new data center. Vince Parisi, NIPSCO President and Chief Operating Officer, highlighted the project’s significance:

“This economic development project will deliver long-term, sustained benefits to the northwest Indiana region, and we’re proud to support these efforts.”

Vince Parisi, NIPSCO President and Chief Operating Officer

Strategic Investments in Indiana’s Technology Infrastructure

These projects collectively represent a $14.8 billion investment in cloud computing and storage infrastructure across Indiana. They will create 1,500 new jobs in Fort Wayne, Jeffersonville, La Porte, and New Carlisle.

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) has committed to a 35-year data center sales tax credit. This applies to a minimum of $1 billion in eligible capital investment. For each $1 billion invested within the first 15 years, Microsoft will receive tax exemptions for an additional 5-10 years. The total exemption period can extend up to 45 years.

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Microsoft $1 billion investment in northwest Indiana underscores the state’s growing importance in the global tech landscape. This new data center will not only create jobs and drive economic growth but also position Indiana as a key player in the advancement of cloud computing and AI technologies. By committing to sustainability and environmental responsibility, Microsoft is setting a standard for future technological investments in the region.

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