Odisha Soars as Synopsys Chooses Bhubaneswar for Chip Design Hub

Synopsys, a global leader in Electronics Design and Automation (EDA), has revealed its intention to establish a chip design centre in Odisha. This move comes as part of the state's efforts to build a resilient semiconductor ecosystem and promote industry-readiness in the workforce. The facility will house 300 chip design engineers specializing in high-tech roles and will include members from top Synopsys teams.
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Synopsys, a prominent name in Electronics Design and Automation (EDA), has set its sights on Odisha to establish a chip design centre, signaling a significant boost to the state’s semiconductor ambitions. With plans to expand gradually to 300 chip design engineers performing critical roles, this new facility is set to become a focal point for high-tech innovation. Synopsys leadership’s support for Odisha’s Semiconductor Manufacturing and Fabless Policy further solidifies the region’s potential as a thriving semiconductor hub.

O-Chip Program: Paving the Way for a Next-Generation Silicon Valley in Odisha

At the heart of Odisha’s semiconductor transformation lies the visionary O-Chip program. With a mission to create a next-generation Silicon Valley, this initiative aims to empower talent and industry expertise, fuel startup growth, and forge research partnerships. By fostering collaborations with semiconductor companies, local and global universities, and industry experts, the program seeks to accelerate innovation in chips, embedded systems, and AI: Smart Labs.

Industry Leaders and Researchers Rally Behind Odisha’s O-Chip Initiative

Recognizing the potential impact of the O-Chip program, eminent industry leaders and researchers from Silicon Valley have pledged their support as advisors and mentors. Their invaluable guidance and expertise are poised to pave the way for groundbreaking achievements in Odisha’s semiconductor landscape. Their active involvement is expected to attract more semiconductor companies and industry experts, strengthening the state’s position in the global semiconductor market.

Odia Diaspora Commended for Contributing to Odisha’s Growth and Prosperity

Acknowledging the contribution of the Odia diaspora to Odisha’s growth and prosperity, the delegation held a special event celebrating the socio-cultural ties preserved by the diaspora. With support from organizations like FICCI and the Tourism Department, the gathering hosted by the Consul General and the entire delegation witnessed the participation of over 900 people of Odisha origin.

Silicon Valley’s Impact: Spurring Investment and Employment Opportunities in Odisha

The delegation’s successful visit to Silicon Valley has resulted in a surge of investment activity in Odisha. Global IT, electronics, semiconductor, and AI/ML companies have announced plans to establish their operations in the state, creating numerous employment opportunities for its people. The government’s continuous push and support have laid a strong foundation for the growth of the semiconductor ecosystem in Odisha.


Synopsys’ decision to establish a chip design centre in Odisha reflects the state’s determination to become a prominent player in the semiconductor industry. With the O-Chip program poised to drive innovation and collaboration, and with the support of industry leaders and researchers, Odisha’s semiconductor ambitions are destined to reach new heights. The state’s strategic efforts and global partnerships are sure to cement its position as a flourishing semiconductor hub in the near future.

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