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Video Saturday : 9 Videos that show Humanoids are the future workforce

After watching, we are sure that you would be left with a thought that robots are the future workforce.
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The generative AI revolution is now piercing into human form through humanoid robots. The world is witnessing a transformative leap into autonomous workflow through these techno-mechanical marvels. Spearheaded by industry giants like NVIDIA, Agility robotics, and Figure AI, this paradigm shift represents the dawn of AI.

We have curated 9 videos for you to get exposed to the exciting world of humanoid robots. After watching, we are sure that you would be left with a thought that robots are the future workforce.

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1. NVIDIA’s journey in making robots smarter

See NVIDIA’s journey from pioneering advanced autonomous vehicle hardware and simulation tools to accelerated perception and manipulation for autonomous mobile robots and industrial arms, culminating in the next wave of cutting-edge AI for humanoid robots.

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2. Figure’s autonomous humanoid robots

Figure AI, a leading pioneer in humanoid robotics, has unveiled its Figure 01 robot, marking a groundbreaking development in the field of robotics. This humanoid marvel, infused with advanced OpenAI technology, has captivated audience with is fully autonomous interaction. Last month, Figure secured a staggering $675 million in Series B funding from OpenAI, Microsoft and others.

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3. Telsa’s Optimus Gen 2 Robots

Optimus, also known as Tesla Bot, is a general-purpose humanoid under development by Tesla. It was announced at the company’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Day event on August 19, 2021. So far three versions have been released with Optimus Gen 2 being the latest.

Tesla says its new prototype is 30% faster, 10 kg lighter, and has sensors on all fingers.

3. Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robots

In release 4.0, they advanced Spot’s locomotion abilities thanks to the power of reinforcement learning. Paul Domanico, Robotics Engineer at Boston Dynamics talks through how Spot’s hybrid approach of combining reinforcement learning with model predictive control creates an even more stable robot in the most antagonistic environments.

4. EVE’s end to end autonomy in house chores

We’re excited to share the latest progress on teaching EVEs general-purpose skills. Everything in the video is all autonomous, all 1X speed, all controlled with a single set of neural network weights.

5. Unitree H1: The Backflipping robot

What we find interesting about the Unitree H1 doing a standing flip is where it decides to put its legs.

6. Verdie Steals the Show

Verdie went to GTC this year and won the hearts of people but maybe not the other robots.

7. DEEPRobotics’ robot dog parkour

The “DEEPRobotics AI+” merges AI capabilities with robotic software systems to continuously boost embodied intelligence. The showcased achievement is a result of training a new AI and software system.

8. Apptronik’s Apollo: A Collaborative Biped for Warehouses

Apptronik unveiled the new Apollo humanoid robot. Apollo is a collaborative, bipedal robot, roughly human-sized. It is designed initially for logistics and warehousing applications, carrying boxes, crates, and totes. This is the latest generation of legged robotic solution from Apptronik.

Editors note: the sections of the video showing the use cases is simulated, while the other sections are video of the actual robot.

9. Agility Robotics’ Digit

Agility Robotics unveiled the next generation of Digit, the first human-centric, multi-purpose robot made for logistics work.

Digit is multipurpose, so it can execute a variety of tasks and adapt to many different workflows; a fleet of Digits will be able to switch between applications depending on current warehouse needs and seasonal shifts.

Journey of building digit to it’s present form

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With Tesla’s Optimus and Figure AI, big tech is betting big on AI 2.0. i.e. the real-world manifestation of AI technologies through humanoid robots. 

Before watching these videos of AI-powered humanoid robots, you might have thought that they long time from reality but the world’s most powerful companies and people, and the world’s foremost AI innovators have started investing in humanoid robots are the next frontier of AI. 

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