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Semiconductor Giant LAM Research to Invest ₹236 Cr in India

LAM Research, a leading semiconductor equipment company, will invest ₹236 crore in India to set up a prototype center. The center will be located in Bangalore and will focus on developing new semiconductor manufacturing technologies. The investment is expected to boost India's semiconductor manufacturing capabilities and create new jobs.
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LAM Research, a leading US-based semiconductor equipment and services provider, is poised to invest in Karnataka, India. With a legacy dating back to 2000, the company has been an integral part of Karnataka’s technological landscape. In a recent development, Karnataka’s Minister of Large and Medium Industries and Infrastructure, M.B. Patil, unveiled the news of LAM Research’s plans to establish a cutting-edge semiconductor lab in the state. This move underscores the company’s commitment to advancing semiconductor technology and fostering a collaborative ecosystem.

The LAM Research campus in Bengaluru is a hub for hardware engineering, global operations management, and software development support. The proposed lab aims to expand the company’s focus to include engineering, R&D, testing, and tool prototyping for semiconductor manufacturing. The venture will receive a significant investment of Rs 236 crore, showcasing the company’s dedication to technological advancement.

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Empowering Indian Suppliers through LAM Research India Invest:

The collaborative approach poised for implementation aims to foster innovation, drive economic growth, and enhance the competitiveness of the Indian semiconductor market.

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LAM Research’s commitment to Karnataka marks a significant milestone in the state’s technological journey. These ventures boost the technology sector and highlight the state’s global prominence in technology. With strategic investments, Karnataka aims to lead in semiconductor and space technology.

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