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Indian Semiconductor Startup Series: Signoff Semiconductors

Welcome to Signoff Semiconductors, where brilliance in semiconductor solutions takes center stage.
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In today’s digital era, semiconductors play a vital role in powering the devices that drive technological advancements across various industries. Additionally, One prominent player in this field is Signoff Semiconductors, a leading Indian semiconductor consulting company. With a rich history, an extensive range of services, and a distinct edge over other Indian semiconductor startups, Signoff Semiconductors is poised to shape the future of the industry.

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Signoff semiconductor was officially incorporated on 10th December 2015 by Vikram Khemchandani. Vikram is a graduate in Electronics from Nagpur University. Prior to starting signoff semi, he had gain 12+ years of experience in companies like TCS, AMD, Soctronics, Texas instruments and Intel.

Since 2015 Signoff Semiconductor has expanded a lot and has offices in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Toronto (Ontario, Canada) and California (US). Additionally,they boast an impressive track record, with over 100 tape-outs in various domains, including Graphics, IoT, Automobile, Network ICs, CPU, Modem, Custom-ASIC, and SoCs. This extensive experience, coupled with a low attrition rate of less than 5%, highlights the company’s ability to attract and retain top-notch talent.

Their customers include Broadcom, Mentor graphics, AMD and XilinxServices.
Physical design

Signoff provides PD design services that are focused on low power and high-performance designs meant to work on most advanced technology nodes and processes.Additionally,they possess RTL2GDSII expertise with clear goal of power, performance, area & schedule.

The picture below gives an overview of their PD expertise.  

 STA and synthesis

Their experienced team focuses on delivering high-quality gate-level netlists with faster turnaround times and predictable STA convergence. Additionally,they excel in power-aware synthesis, timing constraint generation, netlist floor planning, and place and route (PNR) to tackle complex design challenges. Signoff Semi also conducts lint checks and thorough analysis of technology, applying complete automation with scripts and checklists.

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1.Digital frontend
i. RTL design and integration

The RTL Design team possesses a comprehensive understanding of RTL design, synthesis, static timing analysis, formal verification, PLDRC, clock domain crossing, and low power techniques.Additionally, they have in-depth expertise in Front-end RTL Design and SoC integration for a variety of industry verticals.

ii. DFT

Their services include test architecture design, DFT insertion, scan insertion, ATPG pattern generation, boundary scan, memory BIST, and DFT verification. Additionally, Their DFT implementation includes User Defined Registers (UDR) definitions for better controllability, Test Pin-Muxing, SCAN Insertion, LBIST Insertion, Compression Logic Insertion, Boundary Scan Insertion, Memory BIST insertion and IOs.


Its verification team has been successful at avoiding these problems by not relying purely on a single verification methodology. Based on the complexity of the design-under-test (DUT), they engage one or more of the following methods:

· Directed test cases

· Constrained Random Verification using golden reference models

· Assertion based verification

· Formal verification to validate “ASIC-style” DUT against a golden reference model

3. Circuit layout and design

Their Engineering Team has extensive experience in circuit and layout designing. Additionally,they provide support in various designs from transistor level, block level, IP level, chip level. Furthermore,the Signoff Team boasts extensive experience across various process nodes. Ranging from Planar, which includes 180nm, 130nm, 110nm, 65nm, 55nm, 45nm, 40nm, 32nm, 28nm, 20nm, and beyond, to Finfet, encompassing 16nm/14nm, 12nm, 10nm, 7nm, 6nm, and 5nm, their proficiency is unmatched. This wealth of knowledge extends to collaborations with leading foundries such as TSMC, Samsung, UMC, GF, and Intel. This proficiency extends to collaborations with leading foundries such as TSMC, Samsung, UMC, GF, and Intel.

The following figure shall give an overview of their expertise.  

4. Embedded services

It is an experienced core team to take up your product development project which involves concept understanding, hardware development, PCB layout design, firmware development, mechanical enclosure development, software development, prototype development, testing, unit testing, EMI/EMC & safety testing, product verification, and validation.

5 IoT services

The Signoff Team excels in designing and deploying robust, reliable, and scalable IoT-based ASICs. Additionally, they extend their expertise from smart homes to smart cars and smart wearables & gadgets. They also provide chip-to-cloud products which enables creating secure-by-design devices using energy efficient microchips that stay connected to the cloud at all times.

Domains addressed by Signoff semi

Semiconductor: Signoff has in house capabilities to help customers on the ASIC and FPGA designs in the areas of AI, ML, Edge IoT and General-purpose processors. Additionally, they provide complete custom silicon solutions using in-house digital/ mixed-signal expertise along with 3rd party IP vendors.

· Automotive: Their services in the automotive space

§ ADAS & Navigation system, Pedestrian detection system, IoT based infotainment/connected car

§ ASIC sensors, Designs for Biometrics and Sensors

§ Chip Design, End-to-end design & development of automotive components

§ Firmware design & development for automotive modules with custom FPGA boards, supporting a range of external device connectivity options.

Medical devices:

Additionally, Signoff Semiconductors designs Custom ICs for medical devices having low power requirements and small form-factors, for implantable, wearable, and portable medical applications. Additionally, they have the capability to design ultra-low-power devices with enhanced battery life, hearing aid devices and wearables/portables for renowned medical device manufacturers.

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Connected edge devices.

It is designing ICs to meet the demands of edge devices and make them intelligent than before and deliver a smarter connected world around us.Furthermore, In this domain they have expertise in:

§ Intelligent security systems

§ Connected buildings

§ Home & workspace automation

· Consumer electronics: They offer a niche domain expertise in consumer electronics covering areas of:

§ Connected home

§ Wearable devices

§ IoT connectivity

Notable projects

Kaveri, a RISC V Microcontroller Platform developed by is a low footprint, low power Embedded Application Processor, which can be used is various applications such as portable Medical Devices, small formfactor based consumer devices, embedded controllers, and sensor hubs etc.

The team has already developed “SIGNOX” a PICORV 32 application processor-based pulse oximeter which is a reference design.


Signoff Semiconductors stands at the forefront of semiconductor innovation, offering comprehensive solutions across digital backend, frontend, circuit layout, embedded services, and IoT. Additionally, with a proven track record, diverse domain expertise, and notable projects like the Kaveri RISC V Microcontroller Platform, Signoff Semiconductors is driving advancements in technology, shaping the future of connected devices across industries.

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