Silicon Power Group’s $122M Investment to Odissa, India

Silicon Power Group's investment in India's semiconductor industry is set to transform the landscape, with a focus on empowering electric car manufacturing and energy applications. RiR Power Electronics, the group's Indian unit, will establish a cutting-edge facility in Odisha to produce essential 150-millimeter silicon carbide components. This move aligns with India's vision to become a formidable semiconductor hub, attracting significant global investments and fostering sustainable technological advancements.

In a significant development for India’s semiconductor industry, U.S.-based Silicon Power Group is all set to invest a staggering 10 billion rupees ($121.73 million) in a cutting-edge facility located in Odisha state. The state’s chief minister’s office revealed that the facility, spearheaded by the group’s Indian unit, RiR Power Electronics, will be dedicated to producing 150-millimeter silicon carbide – a crucial semiconductor component with diverse applications in electric cars and industrial power and energy sectors. This move comes amid a nationwide effort by the Indian government to attract more investments from top semiconductor firms, including Foxconn, Micron, and AMD, as India aims to establish itself as a formidable semiconductor manufacturing hub, competing with global giants like Taiwan.

Silicon Power Group Commits $121.73 Million Investment in India’s Semiconductor Industry

The chief minister’s office announced that Silicon Power Group’s Indian arm, RiR Power Electronics, will lead the establishment of a technologically advanced semiconductor manufacturing facility in Odisha state, India. With an impressive investment of 10 billion rupees, this ambitious venture aims to cater to the growing demand for silicon carbide components and bolster the country’s position in the global semiconductor market.

Accelerating India’s Electric Car Manufacturing Sector

Silicon carbide plays a crucial role in the production of chips for electric cars, a rapidly growing segment in the automotive industry. The investment by Silicon Power Group’s RiR Power Electronics is poised to enhance India’s electric vehicle ecosystem by enabling the local production of essential semiconductor components. This move aligns perfectly with the government’s vision to promote electric mobility and reduce carbon emissions in the country.

Empowering Industrial Power and Energy Applications

Beyond electric vehicles, silicon carbide is a critical component used in various industrial power and energy applications. By manufacturing this semiconductor material domestically, India can reduce its dependence on imports and foster domestic innovation in energy-efficient technologies. The investment by Silicon Power Group is expected to bolster the growth of India’s industrial sector, offering new opportunities for sustainable development.

India’s Thriving Semiconductor Market: A $80 Billion Projection by 2028

The local semiconductor market in India is poised for remarkable growth. With an estimated worth of $80 billion projected by 2028, the industry is set to expand nearly fourfold from its current size of $23 billion. The ambitious investments by companies like Silicon Power Group will significantly contribute to this growth trajectory, positioning India as a formidable player in the global semiconductor landscape.

Semicon India: A Gateway to Attract Global Investments

In line with the government’s efforts to attract global semiconductor giants, a high-profile conference in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat has drawn the participation of top executives from Foxconn, Micron, AMD, and other industry leaders. This conference serves as a strategic platform to showcase India’s immense potential and incentivize further investments in the semiconductor sector.


Silicon Power Group’s substantial investment in India’s semiconductor industry through its Indian unit, RiR Power Electronics, marks a significant milestone in the nation’s pursuit of becoming a leading semiconductor manufacturing hub. With a focus on producing silicon carbide components for electric cars and industrial power applications, this venture is poised to elevate India’s position in the global semiconductor market. Moreover, the growing interest of top semiconductor firms in India, as seen at the conference in Gujarat, further cements the nation’s potential to thrive in the highly competitive semiconductor industry. As India accelerates its semiconductor capabilities, it stands poised to usher in a new era of innovation, sustainability, and economic growth.

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