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How a Google Research Paper gave birth to its Rival, ChatGPT

Explore the fascinating journey from a casual lunchtime discussion at Google to the groundbreaking "Attention is All You Need" paper.
The paper introduced the Transformer model, a system that redefined the efficiency of generating humanlike text, images, and other data types. Unbeknownst to the authors, this innovation would eventually be the bedrock of OpenAI's ChatGPT and a multitude of AI-powered tools. Despite its immense potential, the Transformer model faced challenges in finding immediate application within Google due to the vastness of the company and its rigorous standards for product development.

What is US Vs Google Case?

US Vs Google case
The US v. Google antitrust case is a landmark legal challenge to the tech giant's dominance in the advertising technology market. The DOJ alleges that Google has used its power to stifle competition and raise prices for advertisers. If Google is found to have violated antitrust laws, it could be forced to change its business practices and open up the market to more competition.