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NVIDIA Dominates AIB GPU Market in Q1 2024 with 88% Market Share, Leaving AMD and Intel Far Behind

AMD sits at 12% market share, while Intel currently holds no measurable share

Double-Digit IPC Gains for a New Era of Processing Power: Unveiling Intel’s Revolutionary Lion Cove Architecture

Cove represents a substantial leap in CPU architecture, promising not only substantial performance gains but also improved efficiency and power management.

AI Arms Race: Intel Unveils New AI Chips in Bid to Reclaim Market Share from Nvidia and AMD

"Simply put, performance up, power down," Intel Chief Executive Pat Gelsinger

Intel to Sell 49% Stake in Irish Plant to Apollo for $11 Billion; Debts Mounting Up

This follows a similar strategy employed in 2022, when Intel secured a $15 billion commitment from Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP to finance a semiconductor complex in Arizona.

€30 Billion Investment: Intel’s 1 nm German Factory Delayed Due to Black Soil and EU Subsidy Approval

EU Competition Authority has not yet approved the €9.9 billion subsidy for the €30 billion project, causing further delays.

Intel Introduces Thunderbolt Share: Data, Device and Screen Sharing Between PCs

Thunderbolt Share represents a significant advancement in PC-to-PC interaction. By harnessing the power of Thunderbolt technology, it promises to revolutionize workflows for creators, professionals, and anyone who utilizes multiple PCs.

Intel Secures All Early High-NA EUV Machines from ASML Till 1st half-2025

Intel's acquisition of all high-NA EUV lithography machines from ASML until mid-2025 signals a strategic maneuver in semiconductor manufacturing.

Intel Awarded Phase Three of RAMP-C Program; 18A Process Now Open to US Military

Customers under the RAMP-C initiative can now initiate the production of prototypes for both commercial and Defense Industrial Base (DIB) products using Intel's 18A process technology.

Intel 18A CPUs To Launch by 2025 : CEO

I’ve bet the whole company on 18A ~Intel CEO

TSMC A16 Takes on Intel 14A and Samsung SF1.4 in the Angstrom Arena

TSMC's A16, Intel's 14A, and Samsung's SF1.4 emerge as key contenders, poised to shape the future of computing in the Angstrom Era.

Did You Know that Intel has a Podcast about Transformative Technology

From AI and data science to cybersecurity and beyond, this podcast explores the frontiers of technology, making it essential listening for anyone passionate about the future of innovation.

Intel Completes Assembly of First Commercial High-NA EUV; 14A Process by 2025

This advancement positions Intel to produce smaller transistors than achievable with standard Low-NA EUV machines, potentially yielding up to a 2.9 times improvement in transistor density for a single exposure.