Semiconductors and Displays: India’s New Growth Drivers

The incentives include a 50% capital subsidy for the establishment of semiconductor fabs, as well as a 25% capital subsidy for the establishment of display fabs. The incentives also include a waiver of import duties on capital goods and raw materials, as well as a tax holiday for the first five years of operation.


In a promising development for the semiconductor industry, Vedanta has announced its plan to file a fresh application under the government’s Modified Display Scheme. Additionally, Vedanta is eagerly anticipating the government’s consideration for a semiconductor project. This update comes as the window for accepting applications under the scheme remains open, providing potential opportunities for semiconductor businesses to thrive in the market.

Understanding the Modified Display Scheme

The Modified Display Scheme is a government initiative aimed at boosting the semiconductor industry in the country. It offers various incentives and benefits to businesses looking to establish semiconductor manufacturing facilities, particularly display fabs. The scheme encourages indigenous manufacturing, reduces reliance on imports, and enhances the country’s capabilities in this vital sector.

Vedanta’s Strategic Move

As part of its growth strategy, Vedanta has set its sights on the semiconductor industry. The company’s decision to file a fresh application under the Modified Display Scheme showcases its commitment to capitalizing on the scheme’s incentives to bolster its semiconductor endeavors. With a focus on seizing the opportunities offered by the government’s initiative, Vedanta aims to strengthen its position in the semiconductor market.

A Look at the Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry plays a crucial role in the global technological landscape. It serves as the backbone of modern electronics, powering everything from smartphones to advanced computing systems. In recent times, the demand for semiconductors has surged exponentially, driven by various industries’ rapid digital transformation. By entering this dynamic market, Vedanta aims to contribute to India’s semiconductor self-sufficiency while meeting the growing market demands.

Benefits of the Modified Display Scheme

The government’s Modified Display Scheme offers a wide array of benefits to companies willing to invest in semiconductor manufacturing. These benefits include financial incentives, tax concessions, and access to state-of-the-art infrastructure. By participating in the scheme, Vedanta seeks to leverage these advantages to expedite its semiconductor production and expand its market presence both nationally and internationally.

Government’s Support for Indigenous Manufacturing

Recognizing the importance of indigenous semiconductor manufacturing, the government has been actively encouraging investments in the sector. By providing support through schemes like the Modified Display Scheme, the government aims to reduce import dependence and establish India as a global player in semiconductor manufacturing. Vedanta’s interest in the scheme aligns with the government’s vision of a self-reliant and technologically advanced nation.

Vedanta’s Vision for the Future

With its sights firmly set on the semiconductor industry, Vedanta envisions becoming a leading player in this competitive market. By capitalizing on the Modified Display Scheme, the company aims to establish state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing facilities that adhere to global standards of quality and innovation. Vedanta’s commitment to technological excellence and sustainable practices positions it as a potential game-changer in the semiconductor domain.


As the window for applications under the Modified Display Scheme remains open, Vedanta’s decision to file a fresh application for its semiconductor project is a strategic move that signifies its commitment to technological advancement and indigenous manufacturing. With the government’s support and a vision for the future, Vedanta seeks to contribute significantly to India’s semiconductor landscape and emerge as a prominent player in the global market. Through its participation in the scheme, Vedanta is poised to make remarkable strides in the semiconductor industry, bolstering India’s position as a technology-driven nation on the global stage.

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