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TSMC Continues to beat Intel & Samsung to Dominate Chip Revenue

With impressive financial results, remarkable operating profits, and a promising outlook for the remainder of the year, TSMC is well on its way to securing its first-ever full-year chip revenue title in 2023.
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In a relentless display of prowess and innovation, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) maintained its top position in the global chip industry for the fifth consecutive quarter in the third quarter of 2023 beating Intel.

This accomplishment solidifies TSMC’s position as the industry leader, surpassing tech giants Intel and Samsung’s chip division.

This blog post will delve into the details of TSMC’s impressive performance, exploring not only its remarkable Q3 results but also its promising outlook for the remainder of the year.

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1. TSMC Unprecedented Streak Continues Vs Intel:

TSMC’s Q3 2023 revenue soared to an impressive US$17.28 billion, outpacing Intel and Samsung’s chip division. This achievement marks the fifth consecutive quarter that TSMC has secured the top spot in global chip industry revenue.

These figures are not only a testament to TSMC’s technological capabilities but also indicate a shift in the global chip industry landscape.

Image Credits: Dan Nystedt on X

TSMC is now well on its way to securing its first-ever full-year chip revenue title in 2023, showcasing its sustained dominance in the market.

  • TSMC: US$17.28 billion
  • Intel: US$14.16 billion
  • Samsung’s chip division: ₩16.44 trillion (approximately $12.52 billion)

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2. Operating Profit: TSMC Leads the Way

TSMC’s excellence extends beyond revenue as it also takes the lead in operating profit. In Q3 2023, TSMC reported an operating profit of US$7.21 billion, significantly surpassing its competitors.

Meanwhile, Intel managed to show signs of improvement, despite posting a sixth consecutive operating loss, with a minor deficit of ($8 million).

On the other hand, Samsung’s chip division reported its third consecutive operating loss, amounting to (₩3.75 trillion, or approximately $2.86 billion).

Image Credits: Dan Nystedt on X

TSMC’s profitability remains a clear differentiator in the global chip industry.

  • TSMC: US$7.21 billion
  • Intel: Operating loss ($8 million)
  • Samsung chip division: Operating loss (₩3.75 trillion, or approximately $2.86 billion)

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3. TSMC’s Promising Outlook:

TSMC is not resting on its laurels and is set to continue its dominance in the fourth quarter and throughout the full year of 2023.

The company’s Q4 revenue guidance is estimated to range between US$18.8 billion and $19.6 billion, far surpassing Intel’s guidance of $14.6 billion to $15.6 billion.

Samsung, while not providing specific guidance, is seeing hope in the memory chip industry, which is starting to rebound. TSMC’s consistently strong performance and forward-looking strategies position it as the frontrunner in the global chip industry.

  • TSMC Q4 revenue guide: US$18.8 – $19.6 billion
  • Intel Q4 revenue guide: US$14.6 – $15.6 billion
  • Samsung: No guidance, but optimism in the memory chip industry rebound

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TSMC’s remarkable performance in Q3 2023 is a testament to its technological prowess and strategic leadership in the global chip industry.

TSMC’s ongoing revenue growth and strong operating profit reaffirm its dominant industry leadership. Additionally, its potential to secure the full-year chip revenue title in 2023 further solidifies its status as the world’s top semiconductor manufacturer.

As the global tech landscape continues to evolve, TSMC remains at the forefront, setting the standards for the entire industry.

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