TSMC Elevates Two Veterans to COO in Succession Move

TSMC, a global semiconductor powerhouse, has made a significant move in its leadership structure by appointing two seasoned veterans to the role of COO.
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In a strategic move signaling a transition of leadership, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), the world’s leading contract chipmaker, has appointed two seasoned executives, Y.J. Mii and Y.P. Chyn, to share the responsibilities of chief operating officer(COO). This has come after the sudden retirement decision of Dr. Mark liu.

  • Co-COOs: Y.J. Mii and Y.P. Chyn were appointed as executive vice presidents and co-COOs.
  • Extensive Experience: Both Mii and Chyn are company veterans. Mii has been with TSMC for three decades, while Chyn has been there since the company’s founding in 1987.
  • Reporting Structure: They will report directly to the current CEO, C.C. Wei.

This significant announcement not only marks a new chapter in TSMC’s leadership but also underscores the company’s commitment to navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of semiconductor manufacturing.


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The Rise of a New Generation

With the approval of the board, Y.J. Mii and Y.P. Chyn have been appointed as executive vice presidents and co-COOs, effective March 1.

Both Mii and Chyn bring decades of experience and expertise to their new roles, having been integral parts of TSMC’s journey since its early days.

Mii, who joined TSMC thirty years ago, has been instrumental in driving the company’s research and development efforts, particularly in advancing chipmaking technologies.

His extensive background, including a doctorate degree in electrical engineering from UCLA and numerous patents, underscores his profound impact on TSMC’s technological innovations.

Similarly, Chyn, with his tenure since the company’s founding in 1987 and his role as Senior Vice President of Operations, brings invaluable operational insights and leadership to the table.

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Embracing Collaborative Leadership

The decision to appoint co-COOs reflects TSMC’s commitment to fostering collaborative leadership and leveraging the diverse strengths of its executive team.

By sharing the COO responsibilities, Mii and Chyn will work in tandem to oversee critical aspects of TSMC’s operations, including research and development, manufacturing, and sales.

This collaborative approach not only ensures a seamless transition but also fosters innovation and agility in addressing the complex challenges of the semiconductor industry.

A Strategic Shift in Leadership Dynamics

TSMC’s appointment of co-COOs marks a departure from its previous leadership structure, where individuals held the roles individually.

The last time the company had co-COOs was approximately a decade ago, highlighting the significance of this strategic shift. Moreover, with Chairman Mark Liu set to retire at the end of June, Chief Executive Officer C.C.

Moreover,Wei is expected to assume the role of chairman alongside his CEO responsibilities. This impending leadership transition underscores TSMC’s proactive approach in grooming a new generation of leaders to steer the company’s trajectory in the years ahead.

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Continuity and Innovation

As TSMC prepares for this leadership transition, continuity and innovation remain paramount.

However, Cliff Hou, TSMC’s Senior Vice President of Europe & Asia sales, and Kevin Zhang, Senior Vice President of Business Development, will assume deputy roles to support Chyn and Mii, respectively.

This strategic realignment ensures a seamless transition of responsibilities while empowering the next generation of leaders to drive growth and innovation across the organization.

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Looking Ahead

TSMC’s appointment of co-COOs heralds a new era of leadership characterized by collaboration, innovation, and strategic foresight.

However, as the semiconductor industry continues to evolve rapidly, TSMC remains poised to maintain its position as a global leader, driven by the collective expertise and vision of its executive team.

With a blend of continuity and fresh perspectives, TSMC is well-positioned to navigate the complexities of the semiconductor landscape and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the digital era.

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