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TSMC Emerges as World’s Top Semiconductor Company in 2023, Surpassing Intel and Samsung

Notably, TSMC's operating profit was a commanding $8.16 billion, while Samsung experienced a loss of $1.86 billion, and Intel secured a profit of $2.59 billion.
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In a significant milestone for the global semiconductor industry, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) achieved a groundbreaking feat in 2023 by becoming the world’s leading semiconductor company in terms of revenue. This marked the first time in several years that the industry witnessed a shift in its paramount position, with TSMC surpassing long-time leaders Intel and Samsung.

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TSMC is World’s Top Semiconductor Company:

According to a Twitter thread by Dan Nystedt, vice president and research analyst at TriOrient Investments, TSMC reported an impressive $69.30 billion (NT$2.17 trillion) in revenue for the year 2023. This substantial figure far exceeded the annual revenues reported by key competitors, with Intel at $54.23 billion and Samsung’s chip division at $50.99 billion.

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Historical Perspective of TSMC as World’s Top Semiconductor Company:

This achievement marked a pivotal moment, as it signaled the end of Intel’s reign as the industry leader since 1992. The last significant shift occurred in 2017 when Samsung surpassed Intel. Now, after six years, TSMC has emerged as the dominant force in the semiconductor landscape.

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Nvidia’s Strong Showing:

While TSMC’s triumph was indisputable, Nystedt highlighted that Nvidia, with a revenue of $58.82 billion, managed to outpace both Samsung and Intel. However, TSMC maintained a clear lead, solidifying its position at the forefront of the semiconductor industry.

Quarterly Performance:

In the fourth quarter alone, TSMC continued its impressive performance, reporting $19.55 billion in revenue. Samsung’s chip division followed at $16.42 billion, and Intel trailed with $15.41 billion. This quarterly dominance further underscored TSMC’s stronghold in the market.

Financial Prowess:

Notably, TSMC’s operating profit was a commanding $8.16 billion, while Samsung experienced a loss of $1.86 billion, and Intel secured a profit of $2.59 billion. This financial disparity demonstrated TSMC’s robust financial standing and efficiency in comparison to its rivals.

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TSMC’s Unique Position as World’s Top Semiconductor Company:

Shen Jung-chin, an assistant professor at York University, emphasized the unique nature of TSMC’s success. Unlike many top semiconductor firms, TSMC operates primarily as a supplier rather than a designer with chips under its own brand name. Despite this distinction, TSMC’s remarkable revenues in 2023 positioned it as the “biggest semiconductor company – of any kind – in the world.”


In 2023, TSMC became the top semiconductor company, signaling a shift in industry leadership. Established in 1987, TSMC has grown into the largest wafer foundry and a global semiconductor powerhouse. This ascent highlights TSMC’s strength and adaptability over the years. This triumph reflects the culmination of decades of innovation, strategic partnerships, and consistent excellence in semiconductor manufacturing.

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  1. The is an interesting article; however, one thing to keep in mind is that TSMC is a “pureplay foundry” and should not be compared to Samsung and Intel. Albeit Samsung and Intel they have some foundry capacity, but nothing compared to TSMC.

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