TSMC is Looking to Hire Early Career Professionals for “Super Brain” Roles

Whether you're a recent graduate or bring 1-3 years of working experience, the program is tailored to accelerate your professional growth and enhance your capabilities.


In the ever-evolving landscape of semiconductor technology, Roles at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) shape the future through its cutting-edge innovations.

TSMC’s Corporate Planning Organization (CPO) is at the forefront of this transformative journey, playing a strategic role in the company’s growth and development.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the exciting opportunities offered by TSMC’s CPO and the unique career path it provides for talented individuals looking to make a significant impact in the semiconductor industry.

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TSMC Super Brainy roles

The CPO Associate Program:

CPO roles are known as the super brain of TSMC.

This immersive program provides a dynamic and comprehensive experience, exposing associates to various facets of TSMC’s operations in the first year.

Rotations cover a spectrum of roles, from operational resource planning and production planning to business operations, corporate pricing, advanced package supply chain solutions, integrated & intelligent planning, and strategic platform intelligence.

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The Rotation Experience:

During the rotational phase, associates get the chance to work on diverse projects and collaborate with professionals across different domains.

This exposure provides a holistic understanding of TSMC’s operations, fostering a well-rounded skill set and global mindset.

Whether you’re a recent graduate or bring 1-3 years of working experience, the program is tailored to accelerate your professional growth and enhance your capabilities.

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Career Development:

Upon completing the rotation program, associates are strategically assigned roles aligning with their interests and skills, meeting TSMC’s business needs. This personalized approach ensures meaningful contributions to company objectives and ongoing leadership growth in their chosen field.

Qualifications and Skills:

TSMC is seeking individuals with a Master’s degree and a global mindset. Proficiency in both English and Mandarin is essential, with additional language skills in Japanese or German considered a plus.

The company values strong analytical and problem-solving skills, self-motivation, reliability, and proactivity.

The ability to adapt to changing environments and work effectively under pressure is crucial, along with insightfulness, courage, and a collaborative spirit.

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If you seek to join a company reshaping the semiconductor landscape and fostering global innovation, TSMC’s CPO Associate Program is your gateway.

Experience a unique blend of exposure, hands-on experience, and career development, ensuring your integral role in TSMC’s success story.

Embark on a journey of professional growth and contribute to the next era of semiconductor technology. To learn more about the CPO Associate Program, visit

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Join TSMC’s CPO, where your skills meet limitless possibilities, and together, we shape the future of technology.

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