TSMC Opens its First Plant in Japan as Part of Global Expansion

With the direct creation of over 3,400 high-tech professional jobs, JASM's establishment is poised to catalyze economic growth and innovation


Today marked a momentous occasion in the world of semiconductor manufacturing as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) celebrated the opening ceremony of its majority-owned subsidiary, Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing, Inc. (JASM), in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan.

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Inaugural Ceremony Highlights of TSMC Japan:

The opening ceremony witnessed the presence of esteemed figures such as TSMC Founder Dr. Morris Chang, TSMC Chairman Dr. Mark Liu, and TSMC CEO Dr. C.C. Wei, who delivered insightful remarks underscoring the significance of JASM’s establishment. Prime Minister Kishida’s announcement of the Japanese government’s support for JASM’s expansion further underscored the strategic importance of this venture in the context of Japan’s Domestic Investment Promotion Package.

I am deeply moved that today’s opening ceremony is taking place just over 3 years after the request of Dr. C.C. Wei, CEO of TSMC for our support in their production in Japan. I believe the foundry business serves as the foundation for delivering numerous innovations and has made a significant contribution to economic and social development. We continue to support further contributions of TSMC and JASM toward overall industry growth.

~Kenichiro Yoshida, Chairman and CEO, Sony Group Corporation

Distinguished guests, including Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Ken Saito, and representatives from key partners such as Sony Group Corporation, DENSO Corporation, and Toyota Motor Corporation, added to the event’s prestige, reflecting the broad-based support and collaboration that underpins JASM’s success.

Milestone Achievement for TSMC Japan:

JASM’s inception in 2021 and subsequent commencement of construction in April 2022 set the stage for today’s milestone achievement. With production slated to begin by the end of 2024, JASM is poised to become a hub for cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing. The announcement of more investment for a second fab shows investors’ confidence in JASM. Operations for this new facility are expected to start by the end of 2027.

“JASM will use the latest green manufacturing practices to produce best-in-class specialty semiconductor technology that will help to unleash innovation and bolster the Japanese economy for years to come,. We are thankful for the joint efforts of our
partners in Japan whose unfaltering support has contributed greatly to the success of this project.”

~ TSMC Chairman Dr. Mark Liu. “

Technological Advancement and Capacity of TSMC Japan:

JASM’s two fabs are projected to offer a combined production capacity exceeding 100,000 12-inch wafers per month. This includes catering to a range of process technologies including 40, 22/28, 12/16, and 6/7 nanometers. This capacity will serve various sectors such as automotive, industrial, consumer, and high-performance computing (HPC), enhancing Japan’s global technological competitiveness.

Economic Impact and Job Creation:

The overall investment in JASM, exceeding US$20 billion, signals a significant commitment to the advancement of Japan’s semiconductor industry. Additionally, JASM’s creation of over 3,400 high-tech jobs will drive economic growth and innovation, confirming its role as a key player in Japan’s industry.

Commitment to Sustainability:

JASM is committed to green manufacturing like TSMC. It will use 100% renewable energy when operations start. Additionally, it will replenish more groundwater than it uses. JASM will also establish a local supply chain. These measures underscore JASM’s dedication to environmental stewardship and responsible corporate citizenship.


In conclusion, the inauguration of JASM represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of Japan’s semiconductor industry. With its state-of-the-art facilities, technological prowess, and commitment to sustainability, JASM is poised to drive innovation, foster economic prosperity, and solidify Japan’s position as a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing.

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