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US has been hacking Huawei Servers Since 2009: China

China has accused the United States of hacking Huawei servers since 2009. The Chinese Ministry of State Security made the accusation in a post on its official WeChat account, alleging that the NSA used the Tailored Access Operations unit to infiltrate Huawei servers at its headquarters and conduct surveillance operations.
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In recent developments, China has accused the United States(US) of engaging in cyber espionage i.e hacking activities targeting Huawei servers since 2009. The allegations were made by the Chinese Ministry of State Security in a post on its official WeChat account on September 20, 2023. The accusations claim that the US National Security Agency (NSA) utilized its Tailored Access Operations unit to infiltrate Huawei servers, installing backdoors in software, apps, and equipment to steal sensitive data from several countries, including China and Russia. This blog post delves into the details of these allegations, considering the historical context, tensions between the nations, and the broader implications.

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Historical Context: NSA’s Cyber Activities & Hacking

The National Security Agency (NSA) is no stranger to cyber espionage. In 2013, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed extensive hacking and surveillance operations conducted by the agency. These revelations included unauthorized access to major US telecommunications companies’ servers and those of foreign governments and businesses. This history establishes a precedent for the plausibility of the accusations leveled against the US government.

Tensions and Concerns with Hacking

Tensions between the United States and China have been escalating, particularly concerning Huawei’s role in global telecommunications infrastructure. The US government has expressed persistent concerns over Huawei’s perceived close ties to the Chinese government, raising apprehensions about potential espionage activities through Huawei’s telecom equipment. This has led to the imposition of sanctions on Huawei and a ban on the company’s use of US-made technology.

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China’s Denial and Accusations of Hypocrisy

China denies wrongdoing by Huawei and criticizes US double standards. They argue the accusations against Huawei lack foundation, pointing to the US’s cyber espionage history. This highlights the complex geopolitical context surrounding the allegations.

Analysis and Assessment of US Hacking

It is challenging to establish the veracity of the hacking allegations definitively. However, given the historical conduct of the NSA, the allegations cannot be readily dismissed. The NSA’s track record of cyber intrusions makes the accusations against the US plausible. The intricate interplay of geopolitical tensions and technological competition between the US and China further amplifies the credibility of these allegations.


The accusations of the US hacking Huawei servers stem from geopolitical tensions. We should assess these claims carefully, considering historical events and the broader context. Emphasizing transparency, global dialogue, and cybersecurity measures is vital. The world is closely monitoring this situation, knowing it could impact international relations and cybersecurity practices in the long run.

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